Saturday, January 30, 2010

Catching UP!

Guess things have been a little too busy around here. So much going on, here is a Super-Speedy review:

Our first Thanksgiving in Santa Paula was shared by The Hanley Family. SOOOO great to see them and get to hang with them for a few days. Turkey, Beach, Nature Walks, Thrift Stores, Mugs of Flying Coffee, Olivia Riding W/O Training Wheels, Limoncello Cheesecake are some of the highlights.

Maybe a week after that, Jason and Schaunna called on a Sunday and said, "Hey, what are you doing? We're coming to visit!" Cool, when? "About 2 hours!" Haha! So great to see them!!! Sophia said, "Mom, Jason wasn't kidding! When we moved, he said, "Tell your parents to save us a spot in the driveway, 'cause we'll just show up and visit." So glad they did!!

Right after Thanksgiving, the kids took turns getting the flu, which is why I didn't post during the holidays. One sick kid per week for the end of November thru December, with a climactic three puking at once for the ending. FUN STUFF.

Christmas Eve with the Regalado's (my dad's side) was a blast. Drove far, had fun seeing everyone and catching up, got home at midnight only to stay up til 4am (NEW RECORD!) wrapping presents that didn't get wrapped (because of sick bay. Like ebay, but messier.) :p Christmas was great! Thought I was going to die when I woke up, sick from no sleep-haha! But just spent a mellow day enjoying being together and being extremely thankful for the gift of love God shows us constantly.

Mom, Sarah, Caleb and Eva came down after Christmas and stayed for almost a week, through New Year's. So much fun! Staying Up Till Ridiculous Hours of the Night/Morning, Eating Way Too Much, Movies, Beach, Thrift Stores, Catch Phrase, Eva's First Haircut, Mom re-teaching me to knit, (and of course, Sarah and Caleb's New Baby Announcement) are a few highlights from their trip.

New vintage scores at the thrift store include (but definitely not limited to!): Old Schwinn ten speed that Rob took apart and is restoring for me- YAY! Old Juice-o-mat citrus juicer, haven't gotten to try out yet. Yesterday I found an ooold nordic ware stove top waffle iron with temperature gauges on it. So this morning (actually, by the time I got done picking the first 2 waffles that got stuck out of the thing, it was lunchtime!) we found a great belgian waffle recipe. Sophia, Isabel, Livie and Ava helped make the batter, and once we got dialed in, that thing cranked out the BEST waffles we've had in a LOOOONG time! YAY! Who said waffles aren't lunch food?!

Gabe turned 12 last Saturday. Can't believe it. He's turning into such an amazing young man. He left for winter camp at Hume Lake yesterday (in Sequoia, where Rob and I met...AWWW!). This morning I got a phone call from the camp nurse. Five of the kids were throwing up with fevers...Gabe was one. SUPERDRAG! So right now Rob is at Hume Lake picking him up to bring him home. Not fun for anyone. :( Definitely confining him to his room for a week...don't need any more repeat flu going on. Think we'll need a make-up camping trip in Sequoia this summer... :) Stony Creek, anyone????!

Love to all, will try to post again soon! xoxo