Friday, July 9, 2010


So Rob (in begining of June) just turned the BIG FOUR-OHHHH!  And we had a little bash to celebrate him and how wonderful he is :)  Thanks to everyone who traveled near and far (very far!) to honor him with your love and friendship- it meant so much to us, and we had a time to remember.  Of course I should have designated a photographer, didn't get nearly as many pictures as I would have liked!  But you'll get the idea...

My brother Robert sent a long list of necessary blues songs to get us through the day and into the night, and in combination with the R&B oldies that Sarah and Caleb (who, by the way, magically made the blues list turn into little disks... :) ) helped out with, we were chillin' to some tasty music.  Piles of bbq pork and chicken to throw on some buns, and this party was smokin!  For dessert, Wendy, Sophia and I had gone early that morning to a farm to get fresh strawberries (50 lbs!), which everyone helped slice for shortcake (and, yes, for jam later!).  Mom's lemon cake, and chocolate mocha birthday cake rounded it out...yummmmm!

To end the night, those who stayed to the end (literally!) were involved in a raucous game of BIG which Rob was never dethroned from his King Booty title. :)  Everyone needs a little birthday booty, right? :)  (okay, for those of you not schooled in big booty, it's a rhythm hand clapping game where you try to knock people out of order to become the "BIG BOOTY")  So much fun, and a great way to go out!  Love to you all!


  1. The decorations are golden Cess!!

  2. So much fun, you did an awesome job putting it all together!! Wish we could've stayed longer; guess we'll just have to find another excuse to come down. :)

  3. The records look so cool in the pics!! :) My thumb is healing nicely...hahahaha. Big Booty really is a fantastic game!!!

  4. looks like a fun time. thanks for sharing this milestone (great cake!).