Thursday, July 15, 2010

Bullfrog Snowcones with Salt and Pepper- YUM!!!

Things are heating up in Santa Paula...!  Today we broke out the Snoopy Sno-Cone Machine for it's maiden run.  I thought it might be slow-going, grinding one ice-cube at a time...times five.  It was!  But the kids didn't seem to mind, they thought it was great fun, and took turns shoveling the ice out (that has to be my favorite part- the little red shovel!) and grinding.  I was prepared to cheat, and broke out the blender just in case it got too hard to wait.  What was I thinking?! They were engaged in the process, and the wait just made it better when they finally got a full dixie-cup of grape-sugar heaven.

                                             This is definitely a group effort!

                                              Everyone gets a turn to crush the ice.

                                               Just add sugar and ....


We also saw an ad on Craig's List for a Star Wars Bullfrog habitat for cool is that?!  We had gone down to the creek at the end of our street about a month ago and collected little tadpoles to watch, and had one turn into a tiny little frog.  So we went to pick it up, and were very surprised at the size of the two inhabitants of the Dagobah system (besides Yoda, who is tiny and cute- uh...powerful and wise, I mean!).  They are gi-normous! One of them has already changed into a bullfrog, who is eating crickets and small children.  The other is a hafling, and it may take him months before he changes.  Super-cool.

The family we got them from was really sweet, and just happened to live near the thrift stores in Oxnard... ;)  I never thought I would collect salt and pepper shakers, but when I saw these guys, I couldn't pass them up.  I loved them even more once I got them home and put them on the red bookcase in the kitchen- they seem to be right at home.  My friend asked me why I felt it necessary to have them, and her sister answered- "Duh! Everyone needs a baby with a moustache and red lipstick."   They speak to me, what can I say?!  Are they the start of yet another collection?  Only time will tell...


  1. Oh Man! I used to have the SNoopy Sno COne maker too, it is a total right of passage for the kiddos! I saw the Star Wars frog habitat. Pretty funny you got it! I like the S&P shakers too. They look like they have linguine arms tipping those berets, super weird! I alot of strange stuff speaks to me too!

  2. Kindred spirits we are, Amber! So EXTREMELY glad we met!!

  3. Haha, I think they're kinda creepy! Glad you like them though. :)

  4. That's so funny! I was standing there debating whether I thought the same thing, or if I liked them...I DO like them, Sam I am!