Monday, July 12, 2010

Girly Things of All Sorts

So this weekend was really fun.

Friday I finally started teaching the girls (and really, myself) to embroider.  I've been wanting to for a long time, and it has just been pushed to the back.  Olivia kept asking though, so I made up little samplers for us all, and I have to say they picked it up really quickly.  I have lace up cardboard shapes for Ava that I am trying to track down...part of the move that still hasn't been unpacked...
Also, I talked to our neighbor across the street, Margaret, who is in her 70's.  She quilts like crazy- she's actually at a quilt show now.  When she comes back, she is going to teach us how to make a simple family quilt.  I've really been wanting to mix generations up lately- to learn from women who are older and have so many amazing things to teach.  I am blessed to be surrounded by these women who are willing to pass on what they know.  Especially since my mom is not close (in distance!) right now.  We are working on that one :)

Saturday we had a women's retreat/day based on themes from the movie "Chocolat".  It's funny to me- the thought of a women's retreat doesn't always appeal to me- usually not the first place I'd pick to be.  But it always ends up being really good to be surrounded by women- lots of whom I didn't know.  Different ages, backgrounds, stages in life, even different places in their faith in God.  I love listening to the stories- the struggles, the lessons, the need for Jesus to strengthen weak places.  And I guess I love that no matter what place we're at, we all have something to offer- hope, encouragement, a sympathetic ear.  And it didn't hurt that there were truffles the size of my fist... :)  There were so many good things spoken, many things God has been speaking to my heart that were confirmed there.  I think the one thing that I am hanging on to right now is to live in the moment- give people your love by giving them your attention, your time.  Be fully present- so hard to do sometimes, but so rewarding for you and those around you. 

Rob had taken the kids to a day at the park while I was gone, so when I got back, I heard the stories (like the fact that they had to hit 3 parks in Ventura to find one that wasn't having a "Garcia" family reunion!  Or that Olivia was running so fast down a hill that her legs ended up over her head- and of course she got up with a laugh!).  They also hit a garage sale right by our house that had two vintage Schwinn bikes (Rob's been looking).  So Rob and I took a quick drive, met a great neighbor, and ended up with his favorite old bike- he let us steal it for $10!!!  Such a blessing- Rob is so excited :) AND, he'll probably end up riding with our new friend.  So cool. (And not so "girly" at all, but definitely noteworthy!)

Sunday, to end a girl-themed weekend, a friend down the street was having a garage sale (this was the weekend to shop!), and I walked down to peruse and say hello.  The kids came with me, and Olivia and I spotted a doll that was really adorable. And I'm usually not a "doll" kinda girl.  I wasn't going to buy, and we started for home when Olivia said, "Mama, I really liked that doll.  I have money, I could buy her."  I had no idea how much she would want, but we turned around to ask.  Not only did she give it to her for a dime(!!!), she also told her there was a friend for her on the table, and she could have her.  I had seen her "friend", and had been a little scared of her!  She is a very ethnic doll, kinda wierd at first.  But Olivia loved her right away, and I have to admit, she does grow on you.  I love her dress, and she is definitely hand made.  She has a basket you can't see in the picture, attached to her back.  Olivia and I both agreed that she works in the corn fields.  Her name is Susana, and Olivia thinks she might be ten. :) The other one she named Maria, which I think is perfect.  Definitely a singer/dancer in a Latin nightclub.  She is so cute- maybe from the 60's would be my guess.  Olivia says she is her age(haha!).  I'm so glad she made me go back!
                         This is Susana- she even has sandals!  Why she is blonde, I do not know!

                            Here is Maria- I love the long, tan legs, and the dramatic eyes!
                                                     Must've danced her pants off.... :)


  1. Hi! I joined your blog and now your updates pop up on my "blog roll" I'm a follower of a lot of vintage blogs and design blogs. Its really nice to also read about what you and your adorable family are up too. What a surprise to see these vintage dollies here too! I saw the post of the records and the Blues looked so amazing! I have heard of the Big Booty game camp! I hope you are all having a swell summer! Looks like Ventura has finally gotten some of Santa Paula's sunshine today..woo hoo!

  2. I love you and your family Cess! The vintage shopping you do is incredible! You need your own show or something! (Or maybe it's just the Southern Californians! If so... I'll be joining that real soon ;)