Monday, July 19, 2010

Sunny Eggs, Hot Dogs and the Like

What a fun weekend!  Started off with Saturday breakfast...I'm in the process of nailing down soft boiled eggs.  When I was little and got sick, my mom would always make really buttery toast, tear it up and put it in a bowl, with soft boiled eggs on top.  Mmmmm, comfort in a bowl.  I saw these little egg cups at the thrift store the other day, and couldn't pass them up- $.30 a piece!!! (I think it's a sad comment on our economic situation these days that the "cents" sign is nowhere to be found on the keyboard!!!).  But back to eggs.  This is my second attempt, and I think third time will be the charm.  First time out I left them too long, and they weren't runny at all.  These guys were ALMOST too runny, but drizzled on toast they were fabulous.  I think this next time will be it.  When we were eating, Isabel said, "Mama, this reminds me of when I'm sick and you make those eggs for me!"  Ahhh, comforting traditions are so soothing to the soul!

The heat wave in Santa Paula is effectively over as of today (Monday), but this weekend it was in it's prime.  Molly was soaking in the sun...

  and so was Ava...

Meanwhile, out in front, a mad game of Sprinkler Football was ensuing...

Running plays with Gabe and James

Girls get a Go...


And then there was the Citrus Festival.  I actually entered a Lemoncello Cheesecake in the Lemon Dessert category.  It was my first entry in anything like this...and I didn't win.  But I did have a couple who wanted to buy it!  Which is really what I plan on doing with it eventually anyways.  Oh well, Mom says I'll get 'em next time.  Love you Mom!

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  1. The fair is coming up, enter your cake there! I may be putting in one of my collections...of what I dunno yet, I have so many! The spinkler football looks so fun! I wish it was still sunny, very cloudy in Vta today :-(