Tuesday, September 28, 2010

Summer Revisited...First Wave

SINCE we are melting like butter in a hot skillet, in the bonus round of summer we have been blessed with before glorious fall sets in,  I figured I'd put up some of the pics from summer that never made their way here.

The first batch is an ode to Gabe and the things he had fun with this summer.


His first race!
Absolutely beautiful out there...no matter what number you finish :)
First sabot race complete...with a big smile
Not all fun and games...gotta de-rig!
Now to grab some barnacles and other slimy things!

He did spend some time ashore, rest assure matey!  His land lubbin' cockatiel missed him, so he spent some time teaching  him to say all sorts of stuff ("Ahoy, matey!" Also, "Everybody dance now!" compliments of C&C Music Factory, just to name a few).  Pippin is one cool bird!

Almost a pirate's parrot!
There is lots more summer fun, but I'll end this with a poem from Gabe, who is one cool kid!


If Pippin was big
And I was very small
The world would not
Be the same at all.

If Pippin was big
And I was his size
I'd live in his cage
And I'd be his prize.

I'd live in his cage
He'd teach me to sing
I'd stand on his perch
And swing on his swing.

When I was lonely
I'd give a sad call
My mom'd come cover
The cage, all and all.

And if Mom went shopping
Boy, Pippin would sing!
For going to buy seed
Is a wonderful thing!

So now you can see
With him big and me small
The world would not 
Be the same at all!