Wednesday, October 6, 2010

Donut Hole-y Cross Night

So last night we had another date night- yay!  We've been multi-tasking the last few weeks, sneaking out to fill up our water bottles, and have some time alone.  The water store happens to be by Trader Joe's, so we can even get free coffee and dessert out of it if we play our cards right! :)  A few weeks ago, our friend told us about a too-good-to-be-true spot that we had never heard of: a 24-hour DRIVE-THRU Donut shop!  This was now a quest to find it, since we had vague whereabouts.  We tried to find it a few date-nights back, to no avail.  Last night, Rob brought a thermos full of coffee, and some biscotti that a friend of ours dropped by this week (Thanks Dana!!), so I figured he had a plan.  He wanted to take me up to the Serra Cross, which overlooks Ventura.  We were trying to find a street to lead us up there (can you tell we are still finding our way around?!), when we passed by KFC.  I look and saw a school on the left, and got super-excited!  Why, you ask?  Those were the random landmarks given to us in order to find Donut Shangri-la!  SO we start looking, end up turning around and on the second pass, realized we had driven right by it.  It's a small little house looking building, in the parking lot of another place. The lights are all off, except a small neon sign that says open.  You would never even imagine there is a drive-thru (or that it really is open!), unless you've been given vague directions and a hot tip!  I can't even tell you how excited I was to pull up and order my sugar donut!  It was nothing short of magical.  I was giddy.  We had coffee.  We had donuts.  Now to find the cross.  Rob's inner compass kicked in, he turned down a random street, and, wah-laaaah- The Serra Cross.  It was beautiful up there, with all the city lights.  We get out to look, and are taking in the sights, when we heard a thump, and Rob shudders.  "Did you see that?!"  We didn't realize we had parked by a trash can in the bushes, and a large rat jumped out of the can.  SO romantic! BLAH!!!  We moved the car, and everything was fab...  The best things in life are free....well, at least, under 2 bucks! :)


  1. Heck Yeah K.D. Donuts! I remember when I went to the drive-thru in the middle of the night for the first friends lived in the apartments across the street. One of them got a hankerin' for some sweet stuff and we waked over. You would swear no on e is there, but then out ambles someone from (probably a cot) in the back! Its awesome! I hear they have a "stoner special" which is like, a dozen of the day afters for really cheap! Also, did you know that there are 3 roads up to the cross? The easiest to find is the 1st right after the city hall, it looks like a driveway but go all the way up and it will guide you right in. There is one off of Kalorama and another right off of Loma Vista if you pass the city hall, go around the bend in the road...its the 1st right! Pretty cool huh? I wonder which one you guys found? Sounds like a great and cheap date night!!

  2. I knew you would know what I was talkin'about! :) It would be a bit of a drag, being a slave to someone's late night munchie attack, but I am so glad they're there for us- haha! I love exploring, and there is so much more to see- can't wait!