Friday, October 1, 2010

Second Wave of Summer Revisited

I can't believe how much fun we crammed into this summer!  I didn't realize it until I started looking back at all the pictures.  SO, let's get to it!

First off, I have to go back to our spontaneous Fourth of July celebration.  I say spontaneous because we had fun plans to hang out with our friend who recently had moved back into her really cool Victorian house.  The day before our fun, I came down with a nasty bit of strep throat.  BLAH.  We were disappointed, the kids were disappointed, our friend was disappointed.  So Rob does what any great Papa needs to do in a time like this: break out the tent for back yard camping complete with s'mores and fireworks.  Instant rescue!

Happy Independence Day to the 6th power!
 After I recovered from the strep factor, we decided that some of the 50lbs of strawberries we got from a local farm on Rob's birthday finally needed to turn into jam...

So we mashed...

And stirred...

And stirred...

And filled...
Until... PRESTO!  Sweet bliss in a jar!

Nothing beats homemade jam!  If you haven't tried it, you really have to next summer.  We hit "Jam Day", where the stand actually sells all the ripest strawberries- and here's the kicker- already de-stemmed for you- for $1 a pound- can you believe it?!  The air is heady and sweet, and you stand in a long line talking with other women who maybe have years of experience canning, or maybe are trying it for the first time.  You bring your own containers and definitely eat a bunch on the way home!  So much fun, definitely will be in line next year!

We also had a jam-packed (no pun intended...!) visit with Wendy, who drove down for a 5 day visit.  We had fun at the beach (with Kat and Lacey too), then came home and got a great surprise visit from Ciara and her family.  It also happened to be Isabel's birthday party night, so we got pizza, and I made 2 berry cherry pies for her, which were finished at 10:30pm, so we stayed up late watching movies and eating pie...mmmm!  Isabel's cousin Mitchel also stopped by that week to say Happy Birthday, and we ended up going for a hike at the creek, then coming home for hot dogs and a crazy game of Sardines- the first game in this house- OH YEAH!  And of course, we made a trip to La Super Rica for amazing food, finished off with a tour around the S.B Mission.  What a great visit!

Wendy's here!
Flowers for his girl :)

Only in a game of sardines does this small shower hold this many people!

Our last hurrah for the summer was a very spontaneous (that word again!) trip up north to see my sister's new adorable baby boy (and family!)  On the way up I realized I didn't have my memory for my camera- LAME!  So very lame, considering all the photo ops we had.  We found an AMAZING "farm" in the most unlikely spot.   Right off the freeway in a gas station parking lot is this fabulous place called Bravo Farms Cheese Factory.  The only reason we stopped was because I had to go to the bathroom REALLY bad :)  So glad I did!  The bathroon/gas station had a bunch of funny signs in it.  Then in front of the Factory building was an old dairy truck with vintage bottles and wooden boxes.  SO cool.  I was practically in the truck, when the guy working there said, "You should go in- we  have donkeys and chickens and goats for the kids."  Say donkey and I'm sold!  You would never know from the gas station parking lot what a cool place lays beyond.  We will definitely go again and I will post a bazillion pictures, cause the whole place is loaded with the coolest vintage stuff, and the funniest signs you've seen.

My sister had both of her babies at the same hospital up north as all our girls were born at.  Sophia was actually the 4th baby born at that hospital- it was brand new, state of the art.  The doctor actually called Rob over while I was in labor and said- "Look at this!  When you point this laser the light will follow it anywhere- COOL, huh?!"  Um, guys, a little FOCUS please!

NEEDLESS to say, without picture taking capacity,  I am waiting on pics from my sis of our visit with them.  We got to stay with my mom for a few days- the kids were so excited to be at grandma's again!  There's just something about the smell of the pine trees, combined with being at Mom's house that is good for the soul. Then we stayed with Sarah and Caleb and family and had a great time before we piled in the car and made the long trek home.  SO glad we got to go, what a perfect way to wrap up summer!

Fairy house made by little hands.
Can you smell the pine?!  Love you Mom!


  1. Uh, right, pictures...I'm going to get working on those right now.

    So glad you guys were able to come up, wish it could've been longer!

  2. Yay pictures! Whenever you get to it- it's not like you have a new baby and an active toddler or anything ;D How did our wagon picture come out?!

    I wish we could've stayed longer too. Missing you guys and getting together...blah.