Sunday, October 31, 2010

Things Creepy...And Fairytail Endings

So the last few weeks, we have been dealing with a scorching case of...poison oak.  The boys went for a hike, and ended up trailblazing right through it.  Rob woke up with swollen eyes, and by mid-week needed to go to the doc for some meds.  He really looked like a burn victim- red, swollen, and blistered.  If any of you get it bad, you know exactly what I mean.  Gabe got a bit on his arm, and I got some just 'cause I hugged and smooched them when they got home from their hike.  Thankfully we are all on the tail end of that nasty stuff.

Then Friday I'm sitting on the floor with Ava, and she says, "Look, Mama- a lizard!"  I turn to look at the kitchen in time to see something out of the corner of my eye that looks like something other than a reptile...I run in to find a scared little mouse hiding in the corner behind the trash can.  We have not had a mouse in the house before, and I'll admit I kinda freaked.  I yelled for Gabe, who grabbed his bb gun.  The rest of the afternoon was spent trying to keep it in the corner til Rob got home.

Fast forward to Saturday morning, and you get this:

There goes the lining...

Ready to whack it!

Be VEWWY, VEWWY quiet!
We heard him in the couch, so out went the couch, out went the mouse!  He finally made a run for it,  and got away.  As long as he doesn't end up back in my kitchen, then happy trails!  I personally think the reason he came in is because we went to the Pete's Pumpkin Patch in Camarillo (which was a TOTAL blast, and me, like a lame-O, forgot the camera- AUGH!) and brought this  beautiful Cinderella pumpkin home...he was rather chubby, like Gus-Gus! :)

Who wouldn't want a coach from this?!

The rest of the day was much better: made from scratch blueberry pancakes, costume sewing, and pumpkin carving...which I'll post pics for later.


  1. That is the forst time I've ever seen someone hunt a mouse with a BB Gun! I'm glad he made an escape, but if he comes back he knows you guys mean business!

  2. Haha! I know, I was not in favor of the death squad approach, but Gabe was intent on using his bb gun to defend his home front. A man's gotta do what a man's gotta do, I guess. Besides, it's a small, fast moving target, so I figured the odds were in the little guy's favor! :)

  3. "be vewy vewy quiet" had me giggling :P no shortage of adventures at your abode! (i have my own story about a mouse in the house, i can relate.)

  4. They are small but creepy! You can't really catch them- they are quick and jump high! This one was not too found its way back into our garage and fell for the cartoonish triangle-cut piece of cheese bait. :(