Monday, November 1, 2010

Out and About

Last night was so much fun!  First, we helped run a carnival/outreach @ church for a few hours, and all the neighborhood kids came.  I was in charge of the balloon popping booth, which actually should be called the "Watch out for bouncing darts" game.  I got hit with many rebounding stray darts- thankfully none of the pokey sides got me! :)  It was funny to watch the littlest ones try to throw the darts.  Some had the most unconventional ways of getting the darts to the balloons, but still managed to pop a few.

After all the fun was cleaned up, it was almost 7, so we headed back home to go around and visit neighbors.  I love taking the kids around our street, because we have amazing neighbors.  Last year we had just moved in, and I used Halloween to get to meet everyone.  This year, I purposefully went up to the doors of the neighbors on the end of the streets that I don't know very well, to see faces again and get names.  So I spent lots of time running to catch up with everyone, but that's ok...just running off a few mini-snickers that happened to make their way into my mouth. :)  Our friends came with us, and we had a blast.  We even had a policeman pull his car right up to us to pass out glow bracelets- how cool is that?!

Santa Paula's Finest!

At the end, we all headed back to the house to dump out the booty on the floor and count, go through, sneak a few pieces and even trade a few.  That's the best!

What a crew :)