Tuesday, December 21, 2010

Christmas is a Comin'!

Four more days!  And we have effectively put everything off until this week!  Well, most everything.  Shopping (on my end...some people, ahem, are last minute shoppers...) is done, but baking, wrapping presents, and a small attempt at sending out Christmas cards are still on the list.  So the house is a flurry of joyful activity (and some serious sugar induced meltdowns in the smaller age bracket).  And with the amount of rain we've had, inside activity is a good thing!

Sophia made the dough...with a little help(er).

Everyone helped cut out...Isabel is whistling to the Christmas music in the background!

What's this? Dough on my hands! Hmmm...

Let me just get that off...

Read through 2 Hardy Boys books in between cooking!
Christmas cards from hand-crafted paper- this was a 2am project!

The decorations have been up since right after Thanksgiving, and we have had some cool additions to our usual stock.  There is a vintage/collectables shop here on Main St. that I have been wanting to go into ever since we moved here.  The shop doesn't have usual hours, and is never open when I go by. So a few weeks ago, I was on my way to the store,  when I glanced over (out of habit) to see if it was open, and WA-LAAH- door was open!  So I did a quick u-turn (legal-like, of course...!) and went in.  The lady who owns it was very nice, but only in to pick up a few things.  She let me look around and we had a great conversation.  I was looking through a box, and she said- "Oh, I'm taking that stuff to Goodwill, so anything you want in there is free."  AND...guess what I found????!

Oh, Yeah!

My very first aluminum Christmas tree!  Isn't it cute?!  AND, two matching tea towels- the tree skirt is one of them.  So I ran to CVS and found the teeny red and green ornaments for under $3 (on sale!).  But that's not all.  At church that weekend, our Pastor had gotten a bunch of old ornaments that the City was going to throw away (he works for the city), and was giving them away.  I let everyone pick through, then made my way back, and look what was waiting for me- the rest of the ornaments on the tree! Plus the tree topper Santa, and many other vintage ornaments that are now hanging from the garland with the rest of our collection.  I can't believe they would have thrown these out!  What a cool blessing!  Here are some of the others...

These were from  Mom...

Some of these were from church!

This Santa was a dumpster dive find :)  He has a funny story...ask me sometime!
I wish all of you a very Merry Christmas full of love, joy, peace, and all the other wonderful things that Jesus came to give us- I'm so thankful for His gift of love!

Monday, December 6, 2010

Did Anyone See November????

Seriously!  Where did last month go??!  It was full of family and fun, but it went by so fast.  I love this time of year, but it never seems long enough.  With the inspiration from my sister-in-law, who had her house decked way out for Christmas the week before Thanksgiving (go Chris!!), we drug out the decorations the day after Thanksgiving. I'm so glad, because at least December seems to be going at a little slower pace.  We went over to Marty (Rob's bro) and Chris' house to celebrate Mitch's 21st and Luke's 10th birthdays.  So much fun hanging out with everyone.  Love you all!

Way too many cute genes in this family :)

The girls havin' fun

Pretty masks from Aunt Chris

For Thanksgiving, my sister and her family came to stay for a week- yay!  We ended up going down to our Aunt and Uncle's house to see our family we haven't seen in a while- so glad we went!  My uncle was there, haven't seen him in ages.  So I made him retell the chicken lady story (he will always add, with a very serious face- "it's a true story").  This is the story we, as children, would all gather around in the dark and listen to him tell, and it would send chills down our backs as we listened to him make the Scriiitch, Scraaaatch sound of her chicken claw feet walking on the cobblestone road in Mexico.  I know, no wonder I turned out the way I did!  But still, I got it on video...to freak out future generations, of course. :)

Me, My Sis, and Uncle Eli the Storyteller
Some of the cousins that he terrified!
It was a fun night- we love family! We came home and didn't eat our turkey until Sunday night, because even though we took it out Monday, it was still frozen solid Thursday morning! ha :)  But we had a fun visit with Sarah and Caleb.  We all watched "Hello, Dolly" for the first time, in part because Caleb brought Wall-E and wanted the kids to see the muscial that was in the cartoon.  None of us realized it was Barbara Streisand ( I know...we don't know some stuff!), but it was a fun watch for us all, and Eva and Ava were adorable- they dressed up all princess-y and danced their little skirts off to all the music.  So much fun!

Well, Hello, Dollies!

The box says it all!

12 week old Simeon, or sometimes called "baby Cinnamon" by Ava :)
Wish we lived closer, but are so thankful for visits, and very thankful for family- what a blessing!