Friday, December 30, 2011

A Beautiful Gift

For Christmas this year, we received the most precious gift of all...

Noelle Elena was born Christmas morning at 12:42am, beautiful and healthy...and we are all in love!

We wish you all a beautiful and blessed New Year!

Thursday, December 8, 2011

Santa Sighting

When we ran to the grocery store this morning for milk, guess who we saw shopping?

You Smell Like Beef and don't smell like Santa!

Does Vons Carry Reindeer Food?!
See You Soon, Big Guy!

Gabe was giddy with excitement and took some stealth photos! :)

Thursday, December 1, 2011

Snow Is For (or From!) The Birds

Last year I put white lights on the mantle, but the only white lights I could find at the time had green wire.  I ended up covering them up with green moss, which worked out great- I liked the way it looked.   This year when I was thinking of the mantle, I saw white feathers.  When I went to Jo Ann's they had a bogo sale on feather boas- yay!  Plus a coupon or two, and my whole entire order ended up being half-off.  I really like the way it looks, even though it's very minimalistic.  Next year I will definitely be adding to the mantle, but for this year I'm resisting the urge to put everything out or go over the top- because that means packing it all up with a newborn.

I also rearranged some of the things we did last year, making a little vintage area:

The Santa and reindeer have seen better days, but they are from my mom, and we've had them since I was little.  She used to put it on the mantle with the manger scene, which was place on top of Angel Hair.  Does anyone remember that stuff?  It's spun glass, and she would have to put it on with gloves every year.  I guess that definitely would discourage any sneaky touching of the manger scene!  My kids now love the Santa and wait for it to come out every year (minus the spun glass!)

It's fun to pull everything out each year and see favorites- it's like seeing old friends again.  I also love to see the kids get excited to see their favorites.  What are some of your favorite Christmas decorations?  Do you switch things around each year, too- or keep things the same?

Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Happy Thanksgiving!

I am thankful for a big pot of sugared cranberries with orange peels, and for all the other good things tomorrow will bring.  I'm so thankful to be in a warm house surrounded by my family- and we hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving as well!

Tuesday, November 22, 2011


Charcoal Snowflake Space Savers!

I am so thankful for snowflakes...especially when they are on charcoal colored Pyrex dishes!!!  I have used much self-control lately with Pyrex- partial credit to me, and partial credit to the fact that there hasn't been a whole lot out there.  My daughters have found a few pink pieces for me, and reluctantly I have turned them down.  I don't have any pink, and would love a few pieces, but they haven't been the right ones.  I have very limited space, and don't want to buy things I won't use. 

Yesterday I went into the thrift, and found these two space savers taped together, just waiting for me!  I have a few pieces of this pattern, and it's one of my absolute favorites.  I was so excited- it had a lid that fits both, and they were marked $7.99!  SWEET!  Then, I looked down the shelf, and saw this:

21/2 QT Oval Casserole
I have one casserole already, but I think it's a smaller one...and these definitely will get used!  It was marked $5.99, and the best part is that when I went to pay (I also had a $.99 pack of ornaments), she rang my total as $9.69!  I don't know what happened, but I was smiling as I swiped my card- it was definitely an early Christmas present, and that's what I'm thankful for today!

Monday, November 21, 2011


Super-Cutie Sock Monkey (just for you, KS!) ;)

Ok, maybe not EVER, but very close!  I love this hat, which brings me to being thankful for a few more things....

1.  Free Online Patterns.  Thanks to all who post their creations for all to use- it's a very generous thing to do.
2.  I am thankful to my mom for teaching me how to crochet at a young age.  I've said this before, but it bears repeating.  It's one of those soul-satisfying things to do- to snuggle up on the couch and either watch an old movie or listen to some good music and crochet away.  Even better when it's a little earflap beanie for your soon-coming bundle! 

This was a super easy pattern, perfect for a beginner.  I finished it in a few hours- which is a satisfying project to do, since it's immediate gratification...

I love the edging on this- it's a crab stitch, or a reverse single crochet.  Easy, but impressive results.  If we have a girl, you can bet a crochet flower will end up on this (or the next one!)- I will definitely be making more of these in other colors (and maybe bigger sizes for the kiddos if I can find a bigger pattern).

Unrelated, I was so happy to wake up to the first snow on our mountain tops...a little reminder that winter is upon us, and we have a few weeks of sleep left before this little baby comes... :)

Friday, November 18, 2011


After a good cleaning they'll be good to go :)

I am thankful for happy surprises!  When my mom came down, she brought a few surprises with her.  She knows I love collecting old Pyrex, and had gotten 3 bowls for a really amazing deal.  Two of them are in the Spring Blossom pattern that I collect, and the third is a new, fun pattern for me, the Orange Yellow Daisy:
So Happy!

I am also so thankful for my mom, and for her thoughtfulness!  I'm glad she scored all three bowls for only $10- up where she lives, the thrifts are over-priced and have nothing but junk, so this really was a SUPER-score for her!  Thanks, Mom- love you!!! xoxo

Thursday, November 17, 2011

Spontaneous Beach Trip

Remember my mushroom cookie lovin'  buddy from the baby shower post? 

My nephew Simeon :)

Well- his mama, sister, and Grandma were packing up, getting ready for the long drive home.  They had not gotten to go to the beach, as we were really busy getting ready for the shower.  Right before they left, we decided to go to the beach really quick (don't you LOVE those kind of trips?!  I DO!)  So that's just what we did.

We actually had to beach hop, because the first beach was completely swallowed up by high tide.  We finally got to our destination, and to Simeon's very first visit to the beach.

Umm, are you SURE this is OK?
He actually did really good out of the water (it was a bit too cold), and I think he left more sand than he ate, so that was good. :)

Everyone had fun finding things to look at with Grandma...

And playing on the playground...

It was such a beautiful day, and it was so nice to get out of the house after a week of everyone being really sick.  I am so thankful for such wonderful memories of the day with family, and for an unplanned trip!

Wednesday, November 16, 2011

So Thankful...

That today my blog was back!  Yesterday after I posted and received comments, I checked it around noon to find that it said this blog was removed!  After trying to contact Google twice, with no response, I was kind of freaking out.  It's a lot to lose with no explanation or guarantee of getting it back.  But this morning I woke to an emailed apology of sorts, and to find my blog right back where it is supposed to be...and I am thankful!  More pictures and fun to come tomorrow...goodnight!

Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Shower Recap

This last weekend was magical!  My mom and sister drove 7 hours (with two littles!) to give us a baby shower.   We had all been working separately on projects for a while, and were having so much fun with the theme (woodland).  When they came we were able to finish up last minute things together (like making Persimmon Coffee Cake, mushroom and acorn cookies,  and picking out the cheese for the board). 


Soooo Adorable!

Deer and Little Birds- SO cute!

Sarah made all the adorable little critters, and my mom found a mobile at a garage sale we can use to hang these little guys up for the baby's bed- they are perfect!  Thank You!!

Woodland Centerpiece

My mom made this centerpiece, no doubt finding the things she needed right outside her door (it's beautiful up where she lives)!  She used clay for the hedgehog faces, and they came out so cute!

Acorn Garland
Sophia and I had finished the acorn garland, and were going to put it across the fireplace mantle, but liked it better where it ended up.  The only trouble was that we had only made it one sided, so Sophia got some fun craft time with Grandma while they finished the other side of the acorns.

We also made mushroom COOKIES! Yes, these are cookies, not real mushrooms.  They aren't meringue either, because I don't like those.  I will say these cookies are an acquired taste, but I ended up loving them (so did my little buddy Simeon...more on him in a bit!).

Acorns, anyone?
It wasn't ALL sweets!

Homemade Focaccia

We made chocolate chip cookies for everyone to take home, and my mom used her Cricut machine to cut out the cute little tags.  We also had yummy chocolate chip pumpkin bread that Sophia and Isabel made all by themselves.  They are becoming quite the bakers, which thrills me to no end!

We also set up an iced tea bar- Sarah brought flavored syrups to add to the jars...

Write your name on a tag...
Unsweetened tea in the beehive...
Add ice and your flavor (Blackberry was popular!)
And grab a coaster!
The Pear Cider was a big hit!

OR, if you were cold, there was Pear Cider, and coffee...

We really wanted our friends and family to feel pampered and to have fun at the party.  It was so much fun planning out details (and whittling a lot of projects down!).  I am so thankful for every single person that was able to come and spend time celebrating this new little baby with us!

My partners in crime :)
The first arrivals- Cindy and Dana :)
Family- Nat, Lacey, Kathy and Ginny :)
My Aunt Anna and Mom :)
Regina, Cindy and I in a weird green tinted picture!
LaRonna made it, despite 2 soccer games for her kids!! :)
Silliness belongs at parties!
It was so much fun, and sooo good to see everyone.  I didn't get half the pictures I wanted because we were all busy talking and catching up.  I'm hoping to get pictures from other people taking them as well, but I definitely have wonderful memories from this day.  I am so thankful for everyone(and their generosity!) who came from near and far to share this with us-  we definitely were feelin' the love!