Monday, January 31, 2011

By Georg(ia)!

In my last post, I mentioned I found my first Vera scarf, and was (and still am!) very excited about them.  I knew about Vera textiles from a book that I bought a year ago, Bend The Rules Sewing, by Amy Karol.  She had two beautiful butterfly napkins that she used to make a table runner.  This book, by the way, is one of the few books I will be showing projects from this year as I work my way through them to learn more crafty skills.  Amy also has mentioned Vera on her Angry Chicken blog that I love to read.  She just recently got a book on Vera that I'd love to check out.  When I got the scarf, I knew it was the same Vera she had talked about, but didn't know last name.  I assumed (and you KNOW what happens we do that...!!!) erroneously that it was Wang, which was the only Vera I knew.  I'm so thankful for the lovely people who did know exactly who it was.  WHICH, brings me to this post.   Last year I picked up this bag, which I actually think might be a small appliance (blender?) cover, because the designer's name is right-side up when the open end of the "bag" is facing down (make sense?).  I absolutely LOVE the print on this, and was wondering if anyone knows anything about it or the designer.   It says "by Georgia" on it.  Any info would be so much appreciated!


  1. Oh yeah, I remember that cover. I just tried doing a search to see if I could figure it luck. Hope someone knows and can help you out. love you!

  2. Thanks! :) So far, no luck. It may just be a rinky dink designer, which is ok by me! I just thought I'd see if anyone else has anything else she's done. Love you more!!!