Monday, January 17, 2011

Catching up on the Pyrex front

Spring Blossom

I have been collecting Pyrex dishes for almost 2 years now.  Not aggressively, but I always look for it when I happen to be at a thrift store, and am always extremely THRILLED when I find it!  The green Spring Blossom bowl was my first find, and really, very fitting, because it was the pattern I grew up with.  My mom had a bowl just like it.  I was in love, and that set me off to find others.  I'm not a collector in the sense that they go in a viewing cupboard- I have a rule: Whatever I buy, I have to use, or it has to go.  I love these Butterfly Gold bowls:

Cinderella Mixing Bowl

4 Quart Casserole
And this Verde divided dish is fab!

So excited that it had the lid!

This Snowflake divided dish is my favorite to pull out for Christmas:

It looks great with Mom's snowball cookies mounded inside!

My friend Joy gave me these plates:

The one on the right is not Pyrex, but how awesome is that?!!

And my sister gave me the Gooseberry Yellow bowl:

On top of a Colonial casserole dish.

I am definitely looking to add some aqua, Friendship, and pink to my collection this year.  This little piece would definitely be fantastic to add, from this generous blogger: Pyrex Giveaway!  Cross your fingers and wish me luck! :)


  1. Great collection! And good rule about using them... Spring Blossom is my favourite but I confess that some are kept around purely for their looks!

  2. LUCK COMIN' YOUR WAY! I hope you win :-)

  3. love the black and yellow! zootsuitmama

  4. Spring Blossom bowl was my first too! I love your black & white snowflake piece - I JUST finally got a black & white piece. I never see any black or red Pyrex around here?

    (& Thanks so much for mentioning the giveway:)

  5. I'm a new collector too (butterprint is my weakness) and I have the same rule about using what I find. My house is too small to waste space on stuff that's just for show :)