Friday, January 21, 2011

Mid- Winter Cheer

Just thought I'd share a few sunny spots during the heart of winter (even though it was 73 and sunny here today!):

The Last of the Persimmons
Our Persimmon tree is very prolific, to the delight of all our neighbors.  I love the look of the tree at this time of year- it's really an odd thing.  All the leaves are gone, and the fruit is the star of the show.  I will be making Persimmon Coffee Cake soon - it's the best!

This is another of my old-time favorites: Double Dutch!

WAIT for it...
Did anyone else double dutch in their day?  Well, the kids are just learning, after getting special ropes from Grandma at Christmas.  We had tried much earlier with regular ropes, and it was a no-go.  The lure was too great, and I had to jump in and see if I still got my groove.   I actually got to the twenties, so I still got it!  No pictures to prove it though... :)

Today the girls came in with these from the garden- so sweet, I almost cried looking at them coming in a line with all these beautiful flowers picked just for me!  I'm so blessed with my kids!

We are also getting ready for Gabe's 13th birthday- amazing!  And also excited about Valentine's Day this year.  We had all the paper strips marked to cut out today to do a Valentine colored paper chain, and this morning I saw this from Stacey over at her blog.  What a great idea- just a small shape change.  We ended up with this:

That's a lot of lovin'!

We promised Gabe we wouldn't put up "girly" hearts until after his birthday (!), so we have to find a stash spot until next week.  Hope your winter has its own bright spots!


  1. Isabel looks like she got some good air! I haven't double dutched (can that be a verb?) in forever, looks like fun!
    I love the pile of hearts! Can't imagine why Gabe wouldn't want those hanging on his birthday. ;)
    Love you.

  2. Aw! Your kids are adorable! I love that you do crafts and projects with them, reminds me of my own childhood :-) We played double dutch in gym in elementary school, I wasn't too hot at it!

  3. Isabel did get a good jump in, didn't she?! I love that shot, too. :) And thanks, Amber! We'd love to have you come join in the fun- there's always a spot at the table! :) I'm glad you have such great memories growing up. I do, too, and definitely want to pass them on.

  4. I can't believe he's 13!!! WOW! I didn't learn to double dutch until I student-taught 5th grade and the kids taught me. I never could get it as a kid! haha.

  5. you are surrounded by so much beauty! the colour of those persimmons, and in such abundance... the beautiful lillies... and of course, the beautiful little ones in your life. and i like that little twist to the ol' paper chain for valentine's. very sweet, thanks for sharing!

  6. oh and yes, double dutch! of course! played it so often!!

  7. Hello from Ana's Friday Archive Dive
    this post certainly IS a bright had me at Persimmons and Calla Lilies
    Happy weekend to you and yours!