Monday, January 24, 2011

A Stitch (JUST) In Time!

My neighbor gave me the "plum" table runner underneath- I just LOVE it!

This weekend it was a race against the clock.  Olivia had her second loose tooth wobbling all over the place, and I knew Saturday that it was hanging by a thread, and I would have to pull it soon.   I found this pattern last month on the Martha Stewart website and knew the girls would love it.  It's supposed to be in felt, but since this was a rush job, I used what I had.  As I was cutting out the fabric, Sophia came over and was watching.  When she figured out what it was, she opened her mouth and said, "Do I have any more baby teeth left?!"  Of course, she can have one whether she does or not.

My friend Katie (who is very skilled and crafty!), who's son is just Olivia's age (and coincidentally, her best pen-pal!), just made the most adorable pillow for Miles (who's first tooth is getting ready to come out).  You can see it here.  Mile's pillow is a bigger pillow.  This bear is an under the pillow friend, smallish in size, and perfect for me to try and whip stitch my way around in a hurry.  I'm definitely a beginning sewer/embroiderer, and one of my goals for this year is to learn more, which means practice more, and do more projects.  So far, so good.  I've picked up some really cool books I'll be sharing soon.  So, back to the bear.  I had to re-do the pocket, because I didn't like the color and thickness of the thread I used the first time around.  Also, the fabric of the pocket is hard to work with.  For you more experienced sewers, why is it that some cotton fabric just shreds apart when you try to work with it?  As I was trying to stitch the pieces together,  Olivia came running in and showed me her tooth in her hand!  She had pushed it out with her tongue (I told you it was loose)!  The pressure was on, because bedtime was fast approaching, and I really wanted to give it to her.  She didn't know what (or who) the bear was for, and thankfully was distracted with playing.  I used stuffing out of a pillow that was already coming apart (sorry, Gabe- I'll fill it back up!), and worked with a knitting needle.

No teddy bears were harmed in the making of this pillow...

When I finished it up and called Olivia over, she was so excited to see her name on it!

It even matches her p.j.s!

See the big, two-toothed hole on the bottom?!
The tooth fairy left her some money in the pocket, but it was a bit hard to get out.  Consequently, the pocket did tear a bit.  It's ok.  This one is practice.  I will definitely use felt, tweak the pattern a bit for next time, and start on the next ones before there is a rush!  All in all, though, I think this was a successful project!


  1. Whew, just in time! I guess the tooth fairy keeps a tight schedule. Very cute project idea!

  2. Hooray! Miles finally lost his last night and he was soooo excited to use his pillow! Congratulations Olivia! Oooh- and thanks for the "shout out" mama! xoxo!

  3. I'm so lame! I didn't even mention how ADORABLE your teddy bear is!!! LOVE the fabric! :)

  4. Yay for Miles! Now they almost match :)