Tuesday, February 1, 2011

Mondays with Margaret

I'm so excited!  Last night was my first night with my neighbor across the street.  Her name is Margaret.  She will be 79 in May.  She is an avid quilter, has two Bernina sewing machines, a newly acquired Pfaff, and a wonderful husband who is ornery, funny and full of stories.  We have been talking a while about getting together so she can show me some basics and work on some projects.  And it finally happened last night. 

I went across the street with my meager supplies:  pieces of fabric that I was planning on turning into napkins (super-easy way to practice sewing hems), a smallish cutting mat that I just picked up at the thrift, a new rotary cutter, and a camera. :)  We chatted for a bit, and then she brought out her bin of extra, pre-cut squares and had me pick out some.  She wanted to teach me how to machine sew the squares together.  We were just going to do a few rows, so we didn't lay out a pattern or anything.  Once I started going, she sat across from me (on her new pfancy Pfaff!), and was playing with it while I learned to put the squares together.  I ended up making a place mat, with batting and a backing!   I thought it would also make a really cute pillow, so I haven't hand stitched the last square together yet until I figure out what I'm doing. 

I'm excited about these Mondays for a few reasons.  It will be nice to spend time with her.  Older generations have so many stories- so many things they've experienced and learned from.  It will be fascinating to hear them.  She also has great skill, and I can't wait to glean even a bit of her knowledge.  And, it will be nice to have some girly crafting time on a regular basis...especially since it only requires a 30 second trip across the street!

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