Thursday, March 17, 2011

Found a Pot of GOLD (and some lucky green, too!)

Happy St. Patrick's Day!  This last weekend, my Mister and I went on a thrifty date day, and I saw this dutch oven.  I snagged it right away and opened the lid very slowly.  Most of the time, when you do find dutch ovens, the enamel is in poor condition on the bottom.  What I saw was glorious:

TA-DAAA!  It was perfect!  I couldn't believe it.  It said "Belgium" on the lid, but I didn't know much else, except that the graphics were just SOOOO cool.  I carried my treasure around the store for the remainder of our trip...but then my old thrift store mentality started to kick in.  It was $29.95, and this particular thrift does NOT mark down.  They even have signs that say "Don't Ask"!  I know what you're thinking- $29.95 is a great price for something like this, and- you're right!  But I still felt like it was too much...and so I put it down.  That was Saturday.  Sunday morning, after staying up way too late, and factoring in the time change (and that we had to be at church at 9:00am (REAAALLY feeling like 8am!), I woke up and the first thing out of my mouth was "That was STUPID!!"  Ha.  Am I the only one that does this??!!  It's like buyer's remorse, but backwards.  And it happens to me frequently.  This thrift is closed on Sundays.  Monday, I didn't go.  But Tuesday, I ventured in, and- against all odds- there it was, in all it's glory, sitting on the shelf waiting for me!!!  I did some looking up when I got home, and saw that it is Descoware, made in Belgium.   It is what Julia Childs not only cooked with but highly endorsed- even over Le Creuset!!  I love it for it's cute little graphic-y figures of foodie substance:

 I love the handles, too- that they are textured.  It's a fun and functional detail.  I need to find something I can safely clean the outside with- I washed it, but it has some grimy stains.  Any ideas?

And this was just the beginning of the jackpot we found that day.  As we were walking up to the second thrift store with our bags from the first, I spotted in the window flashes of the Spring Blossom Pyrex pattern!  We had to check our bags first, so Sophia gave me her bags, and while I was waiting to check the bags, she started the roundup.  Are you ready for this????

Can't pinch me today!!
I couldn't even believe it!  This is one of the patterns I collect (my mom had some when I was little), and there was a whole set of fridgies- with lids!! Plus the cassaroles! I can tell you there was some serious excited shaking going on! :)  Also, at the same store, I found Mr. Beetree a Body Glove wetsuit (for the surfboard he just scored) for- check this out- $18!  Fun for all, and a very Luck o' the Irish tribute it was. :)


  1. You definitely had some Irish luck for all that green Pyrex!! What a nice score! What thrift stores are you visiting? Are they in S.P. ? I wanna go!!

  2. That is all too cool - I just love a good retro find at the thrift store. I had a similar experience about a retro hot plate. I thought it was way over priced at $2, so I walked away based on principle. But it did call to me over the next couple of days, and happily it was still there. By then I was willing to pay $5 because I wanted it so badly. Great minds think alike! XOL

  3. Miss Von Felts: Definitely a shopping trip with elbow nudges and racing to the goodies is in order- haha! :)
    Happy, Glad you found your way here from the UK :) When you go back and it IS still there, it just makes it all worth it! Thanks for reading! Cheers!

  4. beetree, That is an AMAZING Descoware find! And yes you were right that I would be totally excited by it!

    I actually saw a small dutch oven in this Descoware Markley pattern before, but it was in such poor condition I had to leave it behind. The pattern is so whimsical, and I'm glad you went back for it - a large ovel dutch oven in the Markley pattern sold for $150 on ebay recently!

    On the Pyrex front, great score too, this is my fave pattern and I the loaf pan and rectangular baker are on my wish list. :)

  5. love the dutch oven. the designs are so fantastic, totally indicative of the era from which it came! you just need to find the 1958 pyrex promo dishes i wrote about, they'd go together perfectly! great find.

  6. the dutch oven is just beautiful. that price is a bit higher than most would like to pay, but I do think it was worth it! I'm also amazed that you found those fridgies - it's very hard to find them now with the lids! what a spectacular thrifting day for you! -diane