Thursday, March 31, 2011

Happy Birthday to You!

Happy Birthday Sweet Six!

Little Miss Olivia recently turned six (right before the flu hit again, thankfully!)  I didn't want to leave her birthday month without posting pictures and celebrating her amazing little self here. :)  We had our friends Wendy and Aspen drive down for NorCal to be here, and had friends over to help celebrate.  Livie had decided a while before her birthday a few things: 1.  She wanted a picnic.  2. She wanted to give an art lesson.   The only problem was that the weather had no idea of her picnicy plans, and was not going to oblige her request.  So we planned an indoor picnic, complete with a pot-painting party for some spring seeds. :)

First, we had music:

And art:

Of course, fun and games:

Some bar-b-que bonding moments!

And a spread for an indoor picnic that makes me hungry even now!

How about a picnic with a roaring fire?!

Presents before cake, really?!

NOW can we have cake??!!

She actually asked for two cakes- this pink pony cake, and mom's lemon cake-mmm, happy to oblige!

Make a Wish!!!
After cake, little Miss Six also asked if we could sing some worship songs, and if she could pick them.  How could you say no to that????!

Wendy helped her pick her favorite songs

And we all got to singin'!

And drummin'

And playin'
Some played checkers and just listened...

Meanwhile, Gabe was in the garage with his helpers, trying to finish his gift to Livie:

As the night wound down, Livie found she still had two more presents!  One from Wendy- she brought the girls her set of Fisher Price dolls and dollhouse toys that she had when she was little- so cool!


Then Gabe gave her his gift: a handmade wooden rocking horse (where does he get this stuff?!)

All and all, I think six is turning out to be pretty spectacular!

We love you Olivia!!!


  1. That is one heck of a party! I love the indoor picnic. I remember having a few of this as a kid :-) What a creative bunch of younguns. I really like that she wanted to give an art lesson! How cute!

  2. Yeah, the art lesson was genius! I didn't really know how that was gonna work, but the pot painting session seemed to be just fine. BTW, love your new picture- so pretty!

  3. Wow, that was one long & fun post! Looks like her party was a blast, wish we could've been there. Gabe is amazing! Seriously, how sweet was that (and thoughtful and cool)?!

  4. We always miss you guys! It was a very fun day...and i know- that he could just whip that up in a few hours! Crazy stuff :) They all amaze and bless me! xoxo

  5. Oh my goodness! How fun! Happy birthday Livie! I had to take a double glance at that second picture, she looks sooo much like Sophia!