Saturday, March 5, 2011

Have You Lost Your Marbles?!

This morning Olivia (5) and I went early to a church rummage sale.  I found some amazing tea cups and saucers that I will be posting pics of later, but the score of the morning seemed to be a huge container of marbles.  Olivia found them, and for $3, it seemed a good treasure that her and her siblings could all share in.   We bought other items, and had two of the teenagers from the sale help us to the car.   The girl teased the boy, "Say goodbye to your marbles!"  He did look a little sad, and I felt bad for him.  I was hoping his mom didn't make him get rid of them.  I told him  if it helped, he was making 5 kids really happy.

Yes, that's a spoon in her mouth. No, she wasn't born with it... :)

We got our trove home, and our little friend from down the street came over.  It wasn't even 9 am yet, so I think he felt the gravitational pull of the marbles.  Rob grabbed a string and made a circle on the floor, and gave everyone a quick lesson in marble shooting.

I have to be 13 years of raising children, I have never played a game of marbles (collective gasp!).  I didn't even know the rules.  I learned that everyone in the neighborhood usually brings their bag of marbles,  and whatever marbles you shoot out of the circle, you keep.  Everyone has favorites, and when you play, sometimes you lose them.  If you are really good, you can win the best ones.  The reason the teenage boy from the sale was probably sad was that there are many, many enormous "shooters" in this batch, meaning he was probably very good...and each one was a win for him.  :(

Love the thumb action!
I hope he can be happy knowing his marbles are not lost...just in the care of some really happy kids! :)


  1. Very cool score! There's some really pretty ones in there. I've never played marbles either, sounds fun and also kinda sucky if you lose your marbles.

  2. No joke! I guess you wouldn't play with your very best ones...well, at least I wouldn't! I don't know if I could stomach a loss...but to win! That would be the thing. :)

  3. Have you seen the movie Amelie? There is a fantastic scene about a boy who wins all the marbles on the school ground. The entire movie is fantastic, but that scene stays with you. I wonder if I hit the same rummage sale this weekend? LOL!

  4. I haven't seen it- have to check it out! Were you in S.P.?! We really should coordinate some shop time pretty soon. :) I'm actually surprised we haven't run into each other yet! I bet it's one of those things where we are passing each other in different aisles- haha!

  5. haha oh my gosh i dont think ive ever played marbles!!!! i need to now :) this is so cute!