Wednesday, March 16, 2011

My Cup(s) o' Tea!

Sorry for the delay of posts.  We had a bout of sickness that just didn't want to leave.  Thankfully, we are free and clear now, and it turns out, tea (and cups and saucers!!) was just what the doctor ordered.

I am not a granny collector of tea cups and pots, but I do really love good graphic design elements.  My appreciation for tea cups and saucers happened when I was mom had my great-grandma's tea cups and saucers- not a full tea set, but just different patterns.  Unfortunately, she lost a few when a rat got in the house, and my dad and big brother went on a sling-shot shooting, broom stick-waving rampage to get said creature out of the house!  We actually had a deja vu situation last October when a little mouse got in our house...

When Olivia and I went to that church rummage sale a few weekends back, I spotted a table full of cool.  I got each one of these sets of cups/saucers for  50¢ a piece!!!  I don't really know anything about these companies (except Wedgewood), but I just loved the patterns on each piece.  So, without further delay....

Just in time!  by Hammersley- England
Love these colors! "Flora" by Royal Albert- England

Olivia's Favorite- Bold and girlie, just like her!  Windsor- England

Wish I could get a close up of the design...Meito China- Japan
I love the yellow- it's under the saucer, too! Informal True China by Iroquois- USA
Love Love Love Fire-King!!!
It does have a crack that's been's just a "looker"...Wedgewood (Tunstall)- England
And, my SUPER favorite for now...Porsgrund- Norway
I love them all!  Each one is so different and wonderful (and FIFTY CENTS!!), it is hard to pick a favorite.  I still have one of my great- grandma's packed, along with a few super-cool ones that I picked up at other garage sales.  I never unpacked them because I didn't have a spot to put them (safely!).  So after I got these, I told the Mister that I would love to get just the top display portion of a china cabinet to hang on the wall.  He called me this week from work and said he got me a cabinet for free!  A woman at his work gave it to us!!  That is so romantic to me- so thoughtful and sweet!  We went to pick it's not exactly what I would pick, but I think with some paint it will be just the ticket- especially since there is storage with the cabinet! :)  Which will all come in handy for what I will post tomorrow.... :D

***K, just looked up my Super favorite from Norway- found out that it is a pattern called Farmer's Rose, and the tea cup and saucer are going for  $68 on the site I looked it up on!!! Holy Moly!


  1. Wow, I was just going to say the Norway one is definitely my fave.

  2. SixBalloons: I hope you come back tomorrow! I scored something yesterday I know you'll love :)

  3. how fun! I really need to get into the rummage sale/thrift store thing find all sorts of treasures!!!

  4. Hi,
    Great Blog! I really enjoyed it! I just started to write a blog on Demitasse Cups & Saucers. It will have great information on Cup & Saucer patterns, shapes, Backstamps & History on the China companies that make them. If your intrested check it out @! Happy blogging! :) New post every Monday!

  5. I'm glad you liked it, and that you stopped by! I can't wait to check out your blog and learn! :)

  6. Your hutch is gorgeous and all of those tea cups. Just beautiful!

  7. Oh my gosh! What a great find!! I adore the 6th one!