Saturday, March 26, 2011

Remember the Sun?!

Going on it's maiden run
I can't believe these were taken at the beginning of the month! It feels like it's been storming for a while now...our power actually went out for almost 2 hours last week!  So I had to post some sunshine until it decides to come out again on its own...

Gabe thought up and completed his very first go-cart this month!  His papa helped a bit, and Ava donated the wheels from her old stroller in exchange for a ride or two on the new "car". 
Let's try it this way...

It was a "mostly" successful run!!!

We were all very proud of him and his creativity- he did a great job! While the sun was out, we also enjoyed a good game of Duck, Duck, GOOSE!


I know- total trip hazard, right?!!! :[
I'm gonna GET you!!!
I LOVE this Face!! :)
Hope you find some sunshine in your weekend!!!


  1. It's actually gorgeous here in Southern Ontario today, after a wicked snow fall this week. Bright sunshine but cold! I'm dreaming of the tulips, they should be here in a few weeks!

  2. Oh my goodness! I love them! Ava is sooo big! That go-cart is awesome! Miles wants to come ride it! :)

  3. Cuteness!

    To respond to last weeks emailing, (ha ha I'm sloow) My B-Day is in June, on the 24th. I was thinking of throwing a humdinger of a party, our semi annual Tiki-Fiesta. Of course your whole fam is invited! I'll keep you updated on the details.

    Looks like we plenty of sun today :-)

  4. So adorable. Ahh, the simplicity of childhood :). Lots of rain here now - we've been spoiled by all the sun lately