Thursday, April 28, 2011

31¢ Scoop Night!

Our family loves Baskin Robbins....on Tuesday nights.  That's because it is Dollar Scoop Night every Tuesday night.  One of our kids dubbed it "Lessy Scoopie" night, because you are paying less for your scoop.  It stuck.  Last night was LESS than Lessy Scoopie!  We knew we would be in for a long line, and we were- this shot was taken mid-line on our way to the back.  No matter.  Part of the fun is the build up to the front of the line, somewhat similar to Disneyland.  But instead of getting strapped in and tossed about, we got to have the thrill of picking three- yes, THREE, flavors!  It's once a year, so why not?!

We had entertainment while we waited...the Dancing Ice Cream
Notice the littlest one is missing from this picture.  She was torn between fascination and terror when the big Scoopie came around.

Finally at the front!
Armed with their dollars, they were off to pick their flavors!  Sounds a lot easier than it really is...especially when you get three!

Definitely worth the wait!
Two Scoops of World Class Chocolate and one Oreo Cookies and Cream

Oreo Cookies and Cream, Aloha Brownie, and Cotton Candy

Oreo Cookies and Cream, Pineapple Coconut, and Aloha Brownie

Strawberry Cheesecake, Mint, and Cherry

Chocolate and vanilla- before...
It was a fun and delicious night for all! :)  Much thanks to the young, energetic staff- they were great!

Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Sweet Experiment

This post is a direct result of a text I got from my sister last Saturday, reading: "i know your odd love of peeps, so here's a thought...peeps s'mores.  too much sugar? maybe but it sounds like fun."  I love her soooo much!  For many reasons, but this is a highlight.  We laughed about it, and it was a running discussion-until today, when I opened the mail and found this fun surprise...

Oh sweet box of happiness!
I was committed to turning a crazy idea into a here goes....

Step 1.  Place cute little Peep on a nest of dark chocolate.

What chick WOULDN'T want a dark chocolate throne?!!!

Step 2.  Place little chickie into magical heating unit...(and watch Peep swell into a big pink pillow!)
Which results in this:

Looking gooey and good!

Step 3.  Try Peeps S'more!

Step 4.  Wait 5 minutes for the result of this mad experiment... a GNARLY sugar buzz!!!

All said and done, it was fun to try.  The sugar coating makes the Peep a lot more colorful, but a lot chewier than a regular S'more, losing some of the creaminess that you get with a plain marshmallow.  I think in this case, the sum of the parts together is not as good as the parts by themselves.  I will be enjoying my sweet treats one at a time from here on out.  Thank you so much Sarah, for such a sweet and thoughtful treat!!! XOXO

Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekend Wonder

This last weekend we snuck out for a bit.  We took a hike in a new-to-us spot that ended up being amazing! 

The view out my window on our way...
Our Hiking Crew
Nasturtiums peeking out...
Have I ever said that I love Nasturtiums?  They are so happy- and EDIBLE!!!
How should I know which way you should go??!!
Had to take this one fast! 


Small tide pool

Even tar can look cool...

Looking over found treasures

Hungry enough to make a rock shish kabab!

Headed back

One last wonder before we left...

What a cool way to end our adventure!

Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Time-Travel Machine

What do you mean, "It's just a box"?????!

Recently an incredibly generous lady (Thank you M.S.!!!) gave me this red time machine...take a peek inside:

See- Instantly you are taken back to 1945!  There are about 30 Romance magazines from the 40's and 50's- what a treasure trove!  And I love the story behind these.  I asked M.S. where she got all these, and she said she got them off ebay...and here's why:  She has a friend who's parents used to model for all these magazines, and she is finding them on the covers!  Sweet!  She showed me one that she has of the dad in an embrace with Grace Kelly- dreamy!  Here are just some of the covers:

"No Nice Girl Would Do What Laura Did"... Scandalous!!!

What a fab hat!  And those pearls...

Honeymoon of Hate??!  Shocking!

Those eyes!!!

I love the history in these!

I wanted these for all the fashion- Love the style of the 40's and 50's- but an added bonus was all the ads-some are hysterical- some are unbelievable (well, they ARE ads!)  and some definitely frame-worthy!

30 Day Doctor's Reports- Ha!

Mr. Beetree pointed out that these "wonderfully mild" Camels arent' even filtered!!!

Sign me up for a Spot Reducer! ;)

Love her dreamy, faraway look!

One "All-Wool Wonder" Please!
 So wonderful- I love my time machine!  I haven't had a ton of time to pour over each one, which is fine by me- I like to savor things slooooowly.  Today brought another surprise as I was looking through some of them...

A while back I bought a bag of vintage buttons at the thrift store, and an odd, feather-shaped fold over pin was mixed in with the buttons.  I tried looking it up, but nothing.  Then I went across the street to my neighbors (who are 79 and 80), and asked them if they knew anything about where it came from.  It had the words "I Give" at the bottom.

We thought it might be something like a Salvation Army type organization.   We couldn't figure it out, but stood there chatting for a while longer.  Just as I was walking across the street, he said- "I've Got IT!!!  It's Community Chest!  Sure enough, when I went home to Google it, that's exactly what it was!  Community Chests were fund-raising organizations that collected money and gave it to community projects.  By 1963 it changed it's name to United Way.  At this time, if you gave, you would receive the red feather pin.  So what does this have to do with the magazines?

I'm sure there are plenty more surprises waiting in these pages!