Wednesday, April 6, 2011

Can You Hear Me Now?!

My mister and I went on a thrifting date a few weeks back, and I found this amazing phone!  I was soooo excited- even a small chip in the front of it wouldn't deter me from snatching it off the shelf.  For $9.95 I thought it was worth it.  We already had a cool push-button phone, and we all had been saying that we needed a rotary as well.  The color on this is what excited me most though.  Our push-button was not my first choice in color- even though the phone itself was cool, fleshy pink was not my favorite retro color.  However, I picked it up for $2.99, and it did remind me of Grandma... :)

We got home with our new phone and plugged it in: NOTHING.  Not a sound.  I was so bummed- but I thought that at least it was a cool looking prop.  Thankfully my man was not satisfied with that answer.  When I came out of the kitchen, I found this shocking site on our coffee table!  Being a mechanic for over 20 years, it is in his blood to take things apart and try to fix them- nevermind if it is something he really has never done before. 

Upon closer examination, we realized something was missing:

Can you guess what's missing?
NO BELLS!!! That was ONE of the problems.  Crazy wiring was the next.  I would have never taken it apart, let alone known what to do once it was apart.  I would have called it a loss and stuck it on my table and polished it up. :)  But Mr. Beetree went right to work.  Unfortunately,  when I came in next,  our other phone was also disassembled on the coffee table. :(  I was sensing one of these phones would not be making it- but to be honest, I was rooting for the rotary!

See our old push-button? (And the small chip in the front of Miss Minty)
He actually took the bells out of the push-button and rewired the rotary- don't even ask me to think of how he did it, WORKED!!!  I felt a small, sickish feeling in my stomach as he threw away the shell and remains of the push-button, but I'm so happy that he got our minty friend to work.  All that was left was to Simple Green the whole thing, and add a few touches to cover up the chip in front...

A Little Trim...
A Little Button...

I am soooo thankful that the mister has mad-skills!  And now I guess I will HAVE to be on the lookout for a replacement push-button... :)


  1. Wow, that phone looks GREAT! I understand what you mean about the sick feeling on the pink phone. I would feel a bit sad too, but I think you made a good trade. :)

  2. Gosh darn, that turned out great! Nice repair skills and nice refurb skills to the both of you. I recently eliminated my land line and miss the old phone sitting on my desk. Oh well! I tell ya, I don't miss the old phone bill though :-)

  3. oh my goodness...I LOVE this phone! I especially love that you took the time to embellish it a little! I think our husband's would get along well...he's always taking everything apart and most of the time he has the right results! Thanks so much for stopping by my page this week! -diane

  4. That is so stinkin' cute, especially with the trim and button! He's awesome, I should give him my old beater to look at, we never got it working the way it should. :(
    Who named the phone, you or one of the kids? It's cute. :)

  5. Awww- thanks for all the kind comments! Six B's- I think it was the right trade too, even if it hurt a little! Miss Von Felts, I know exactly whatcha mean about the bill! But I do love my phone :) Sweet Euro- I definitely think we'd all have a grand time- talkin' travel and trash to treasure! And Sarah (YAY!) :) The name just kinda came out as I was typing- but it does fit her well! :) Bring your beater down next time...!

  6.! *suppressing jealous feelings* it's so fab!