Thursday, April 14, 2011

My Time-Travel Machine

What do you mean, "It's just a box"?????!

Recently an incredibly generous lady (Thank you M.S.!!!) gave me this red time machine...take a peek inside:

See- Instantly you are taken back to 1945!  There are about 30 Romance magazines from the 40's and 50's- what a treasure trove!  And I love the story behind these.  I asked M.S. where she got all these, and she said she got them off ebay...and here's why:  She has a friend who's parents used to model for all these magazines, and she is finding them on the covers!  Sweet!  She showed me one that she has of the dad in an embrace with Grace Kelly- dreamy!  Here are just some of the covers:

"No Nice Girl Would Do What Laura Did"... Scandalous!!!

What a fab hat!  And those pearls...

Honeymoon of Hate??!  Shocking!

Those eyes!!!

I love the history in these!

I wanted these for all the fashion- Love the style of the 40's and 50's- but an added bonus was all the ads-some are hysterical- some are unbelievable (well, they ARE ads!)  and some definitely frame-worthy!

30 Day Doctor's Reports- Ha!

Mr. Beetree pointed out that these "wonderfully mild" Camels arent' even filtered!!!

Sign me up for a Spot Reducer! ;)

Love her dreamy, faraway look!

One "All-Wool Wonder" Please!
 So wonderful- I love my time machine!  I haven't had a ton of time to pour over each one, which is fine by me- I like to savor things slooooowly.  Today brought another surprise as I was looking through some of them...

A while back I bought a bag of vintage buttons at the thrift store, and an odd, feather-shaped fold over pin was mixed in with the buttons.  I tried looking it up, but nothing.  Then I went across the street to my neighbors (who are 79 and 80), and asked them if they knew anything about where it came from.  It had the words "I Give" at the bottom.

We thought it might be something like a Salvation Army type organization.   We couldn't figure it out, but stood there chatting for a while longer.  Just as I was walking across the street, he said- "I've Got IT!!!  It's Community Chest!  Sure enough, when I went home to Google it, that's exactly what it was!  Community Chests were fund-raising organizations that collected money and gave it to community projects.  By 1963 it changed it's name to United Way.  At this time, if you gave, you would receive the red feather pin.  So what does this have to do with the magazines?

I'm sure there are plenty more surprises waiting in these pages!


  1. Wow. I'm amazed that you were GIVEN these! The few vintage mags that I find are keepers - I LOVE them and won't part with them for anything. You will have so much fun with these. By the way, the Give-Away is up, so stop by sometime this weekend! -diane

  2. Diane! That is sooo weird! I was just reading your blog when I heard my phone ping that I had an email....which was your comment!!! So glad you stopped by- I will definitely go back to your page and comment! :) btw- I am amazed at her generosity, for sure!

  3. Oh these ads are so funny! Doctors telling you that a cigarette is good for you! You should send some of them to Barbara over at "If I didn't have a sense of humor". She takes weird old ads such as these and does a funny write up about them. She's hilarious!

  4. What neat magazine covers!! I'm always bowled over by the vivid color schemes from 40's and 50's magazine layouts. Also, I want, oh, all of these hats? Such a neat backstory to her collection, thanks for sharing!

  5. Oh, now I know who got those mags!!! Tee Hee, fellow FC member! I'm so glad they ended up with you :-) If you ever want to trade a couple for some old sci-fi books, car mags or National Geo's from the 20's-60's let me know! I love old magazines. Yours are absolutely FABULOUS!!! Great score!!

  6. I will have to check out Barbara's blog, thanks De tout! I'm with you on the hats Lisa, and so many dresses! Amber, I knew you would know where these came from- I was so happy to get them! Keep posted everyone...I just might do a giveaway soon!!!

  7. So cool - what will you do with them? I'd love to decoupage them onto a side table - with orange paint? Something really retro... XOL

  8. Happy Homemaker, we are definitely kindred spirits! Decoupage+orange=LOVE!

  9. Thanks for taking me on a trip back in time!! Those pics are awesome and funny!!

  10. Sign me up for the Romance in Ruffles! I love that skirt--so cute. :)

  11. Sarah, if you get Romance in Ruffles, then that would be you and I, and we'd be headed off to some sweet little cafe, and then out for shopping... :)