Wednesday, April 27, 2011

A Sweet Experiment

This post is a direct result of a text I got from my sister last Saturday, reading: "i know your odd love of peeps, so here's a thought...peeps s'mores.  too much sugar? maybe but it sounds like fun."  I love her soooo much!  For many reasons, but this is a highlight.  We laughed about it, and it was a running discussion-until today, when I opened the mail and found this fun surprise...

Oh sweet box of happiness!
I was committed to turning a crazy idea into a here goes....

Step 1.  Place cute little Peep on a nest of dark chocolate.

What chick WOULDN'T want a dark chocolate throne?!!!

Step 2.  Place little chickie into magical heating unit...(and watch Peep swell into a big pink pillow!)
Which results in this:

Looking gooey and good!

Step 3.  Try Peeps S'more!

Step 4.  Wait 5 minutes for the result of this mad experiment... a GNARLY sugar buzz!!!

All said and done, it was fun to try.  The sugar coating makes the Peep a lot more colorful, but a lot chewier than a regular S'more, losing some of the creaminess that you get with a plain marshmallow.  I think in this case, the sum of the parts together is not as good as the parts by themselves.  I will be enjoying my sweet treats one at a time from here on out.  Thank you so much Sarah, for such a sweet and thoughtful treat!!! XOXO


  1. Haha, glad you had fun with it. Hope you were able to get stuff done before the sugar buzz wore off. ;)

  2. Ah! Sugar Shock! I need to go tho the dentist just for looking at these pics! I bet it was good though :-)