Tuesday, April 19, 2011

Weekend Wonder

This last weekend we snuck out for a bit.  We took a hike in a new-to-us spot that ended up being amazing! 

The view out my window on our way...
Our Hiking Crew
Nasturtiums peeking out...
Have I ever said that I love Nasturtiums?  They are so happy- and EDIBLE!!!
How should I know which way you should go??!!
Had to take this one fast! 


Small tide pool

Even tar can look cool...

Looking over found treasures

Hungry enough to make a rock shish kabab!

Headed back

One last wonder before we left...

What a cool way to end our adventure!


  1. Looks like you had a beautiful day with your family! Precious memories to cherish forever.

  2. Beautiful pics! I was laughing when I got your message the other day - I think we are ALWAYS online at the same exact times! -diane

  3. I love that Livie is in a skirt to go hiking! Looks like it was a blast. How far from home were you?

  4. Thanks- it WAS a beautiful day! We were only about 20 minutes away. I think we are going to be spending more time out this way, there are some really good food places to check out, too! :)

  5. wow what a beautiful place! and i smiled at the rock shish kebab. cute!

  6. Ana, I have been corrected...it is NOT a shish kabob, as I named it, but a TOTEM that he made...(!) A rock by any other name threads just as easily, I suppose. :)

  7. Looks like an amazing day! Are those nasturiums growing wild?! I didn't know they grew anywhere other than out of a seed packet :) XOL