Wednesday, June 29, 2011

Birthday Sweetness- Part 1

First, I have to say, I love being a June-bug.  June is the first month of Summer.  It also is very moody and unpredictable.  You can go to sleep in June dreaming of summer fun, and wake up to a very overcast, chilly day.  I love it.  I also love that my sweetheart is a June-bug too.  In fact, we are exactly 2 years and 20 days apart, with his birthday coming at the beginning of the month, and mine towards the end.  I know lots of people (family and friends) who are June-bugs too (a few even ON my birthday)-so Happy Birthday to all you wonderful people born in this glorious month of June!

This year I got a double birthday.  We were blessed with gift cards to Buca di Beppo's by a sweet friend (thank you so much, JG!), so this last weekend we went to lunch (I am actually getting days here and there of feeling ok- yay!).  We were actually supposed to go for the Mister's birthday, but since even the smell of Italian dressing was making me sick, we thought we should wait.  Olivia has been wanting to go for a very long time, even though the only thing she really remembered about her last visit was being shocked and disgusted by the pictures of naked ladies in the women's bathroom! If you never have been to Buca's, you really should track one down and go, at least once.  It is an Italian food chain, and yes, they all have the same crazy decor and a special "Pope Room" you can eat in- but the food is great, and it is a fun atmosphere.  They also have a special kitchen table that is actually in the kitchen.  You can request to be seated in the midst of the craziness, and if you make good friends with the chef, you might just get treated to some amazing off-menu delights (right JG?!)!

A lady came to our table (after they dropped off the huge Birthday sign above) and wanted to take our picture.  The littlest Little immediately dove under the table, and would not be coaxed or commanded out for we have a (free) postcard that looks a little like this.... 

minus the cute, crazy face on the back left. :(  As soon as Picture Lady was gone, she was all pose and smiles.  Go figure.  After a fabulous meal, they brought out a gigantic 6 scoop ice-cream brownie confection and sang to me REALLY loudly.  I should have taken a picture of it- it really was glorious.  And it was in the serving dish not more than 3 seconds.  Then it looked like this:

Size Check:  Look how it dwarfs the tall water glasses!
And after the last lick was gone, some of us looked like this:

I think SOME fudge actually made it IN her mouth!
I should also say that if you go on their website and sign up, they send you amazing free coupons.  I signed up the day before the Mister's birthday, and they sent him the goods.  We got that amazing sundae for free.  We were triple-blessed, because a couple next to us had an extra 10% off coupon from the paper, and they gave it to us to use.  So cool.

After such an amazing birthday lunch, the only thing that could have taken it to the next level was a trip to the beach.  It was beautiful, and so nice to be back in our old neighborhood.  I relaxed on the beach and enjoyed the breeze and fresh air while watching the crew boogie board, jump waves and find sand crabs...what an amazing day!

Sunday, June 19, 2011

A Very Happy Father's Day!

Just a quick note to say Happy Father's Day to all you wonderful dads out there!  We celebrated with a smallish feast and lots of papa time.

Lettuce, Basil and Red onions from our garden :) 

We LOVE you!!! You are the BEST!!!

I hope you all had a wonderful day as well!

Thursday, June 9, 2011


So this is an apology, of sorts.  I have received a few texts, saying that while Jello is fun, it is time for something new.  I wholeheartedly agree!  But lately, every time I sit down to write a new post,  the only thing I'm feelin' is blaaah.   I have lots of fun things to share, and they will surface soon, I hope!  For now though, I just want to curl up on the couch and watch a movie.  Or sleep.  Or run to the bathroom with my hand over my mouth (ok, that's not really what I WANT to do, more like what I can't get away from doing!)...

No cause for alarm, I am not dying or very sick...we are having a baby! :)  I have been sick for the first 4 1/2 months with all the little ones, and this one is no different.  I am not out of the woods yet, so bear with me for a bit.  I will be checking in periodically.  I still have been checking everyone's blogs out,  just not commenting as much.  It's crazy, the strange things that happen to you as you undergo this miraculous
Feeling neglected :(

I used to love waking up to the smell of coffee in the morning (and enjoying a morning cup), and now my poor husband is banned from even looking at the coffee maker- unless he moves it to the garage!  Even writing that sentence is making me gag!  The smell of peanut butter is equally offensive- the littles know that if they eat a sandwich, they have to wash their hands and face and brush their teeth before they come see me.   Even unexpected smells are making me sick. Last weekend, our local strawberry stand had Jam Berry Day, a wonderful event where they sell de-stemmed, ultra-ripe berries for $1 a pound- fabulous!  So we got 35 pounds of berries to make jam.  WHAT was I thinking?!  A few hours later, the smell of those strawberries was making me run, and I still had to make jam!  I am thankful that I have helpers who love to be in the kitchen, they really helped me get it done!   I have also acquired strange urges...I devoured half of Rob's hamburger the other day, and if you know me at all, you know that is a super-crazy thing for me to do. I do not like red meat. At all. ( Hot dogs don't count! :) )  I think the last time I ordered a hamburger for myself at a restaurant was in the ' joke.

It hasn't been all bad.  The mister and the kids have been amazing, and everyone is doing extra to help me.  Gabe says (with a smile!) that the work is all going to a new baby, so it's worth it.  SO sweet.  I am definitely blessed.