Tuesday, July 26, 2011

Two Nights, Two Shows, Two Views

I guess I'm making up for lost "couch" time.  The last two nights have been soooo fun!  Sunday our oldest two came home from camp, and we had a surprise for everyone.  First, we had goodies to make.  Our zucchini plants are doing what they do best- crankin' out the zucchinis.  We made a double batch of zucchini bread, and a loaf of banana bread (because I have about 20 frozen bananas in my freezer for such an occasion as this).

Double loaf of zucchini bread
My birthday present hard at work! Now for some new potholders... ;)

We also popped a few batches of popcorn in the Whirley-Pop.  If you do not own one of these, I HIGHLY recommend that you run out this instant and find one!  I thrifted mine, and it makes the BEST popcorn- and super easy.  You can also make awesome kettle corn in it.

After the goods were made and the lawn chairs and blankets packed up, we piled in the van and headed out.  The kids still had no idea of where we were going, and because it was an hour's drive, we didn't tell them until we got there (because an hour of excited, hyper noise from 5 kids is just not a peaceful drive!).  We took them to the "local" drive-in theater to see Cars 2!  I learned last summer that we had a drive-in close to us, and have been waiting ever since for them to show something the whole family could go and see.  I think I was just as excited as they were.  When we lived in Galt, there was a drive-in in Sacramento, but we never made it there, which is something I regret now.  The number of drive-in theaters is constantly shrinking, so if you happen to live near one, definitely take advantage of the fun while it's still around.

We went to the Goleta Drive-In Theater.  It just has the one screen, and is only open during summer months.  It has a cute, round-roofed concession stand, and the stand and the bathrooms were immaculate.  The staff was extremely friendly, too.

Nice and big, full of fun stuff

Extremely-cool ceiling!

We even got free credit on the games!
Super-clean bathroom- I just wish the floor matches the cute pink wall tiles!

The beach just happens to be within a few miles of the theater, and you can smell the ocean while you watch the movie.  The only down-side would be that there is a small airport right behind the parking lot,  so we got to see a few planes up close as they were landing.  The kids just thought it was a bonus feature.  :)  We had our van, so we had to park farther back.  Mostly the pictures I took didn't come out because I was trying not to be obnoxious with a flash while everyone was watching the movie.  But the view from our van was something like this:

Gotta love the Muppets!
We brought chairs, but the kids ended up piling in the back of the van with the seats folded down...which is just as it should be.  I would love to make it a weekend date before summer is out- they show midnight shows, and beach camping is right down the street... :)  Our drive back home was extremely long, courtesy of freeway work and dead stop traffic (at midnight!).  We got home, and Isabel woke up just as we were pulling in the driveway.  "Home so soon?!"   Classic.

Night, Show and View #2
Last night, we had an amazing date night.  Dominic Balli was having a CD release party/show for his new American Dream cd.  If you love reggae, then Dominic and his band of merry musicians will steal your heart.  They are amazing!  He's a local boy- straight out Carpinteria.  He was Reality's worship leader for a long while- how fab for them!  In 2007 he opened for Ziggy Marley at the Ventura Theater- what an amazing show that woulda been to see.

They had his DJ spin for the opening, and he was amazing.  Less amazing were the strobing lasers they had going for a while...everyone over 16 was wearing sunglasses or having seizures on the floor. :)  It was so much fun though.   They finally came out (a half an hour late!) and it was worth the wait.

Unlike the drive-in, we were front and center for this one!

I was so glad that I had a big, hunky man behind me (my Mister!), and another large fella on the side, because a mini -mosh pit was swirling, and I got knocked forward into someone else only once.  There was definitely a day when me and my docs would have been right in the middle of it, but no one wants to crowd surf a 4 1/2 month baby belly around...not so cool.  So for the rest of the show I had no worries about getting sent sprawling, my boy had my back.  The title track is amazing, and was co-written with Sonny Sandoval of P.O.D. You can definitely hear the influence- so cool.  I have some cool video, but am having trouble with Blogger trying to get it to upload...so for now, take my word when I say it was a rad show.  Or better yet, pick up one of their cds- you won't be sorry!  I have now gone to a concert with every baby in belly, and I have to say, this was one of the best!  (Some of those included Jane's Addiction and Chris Cornell...)

There will be two MORE shows at the end of this week- Gabe and Sophia have been very involved in theater camp the last two months, and their hard work will come together when they get to do two shows of The Lion King (Broadway Style).   More on that soon!

Friday, July 22, 2011

Birthday Sweetness- Part 2...finally!

Ok, so this took waaay longer than I thought it would to get this out.  There is a very sweet story in it though, so I thought I would finish what I started.  My second birthday treat was on the actual day of my birthday.  After a hard day at work, my love came home, gathered up the kiddos (minus the littlest, who was still napping) and went shopping.  I know, a last minute shopper extraordinaire.  Isabel had wanted to go to the thrifts to see if they could find any Pyrex for me (so sweet).

When they got home (with pizza, too!), the little and I were out in the garden, and were basically locked out until they got things ready.  When we got to come in, the party was already happenin'.  All the coolest people were there:

Umm, those are confetti blowers in their hands...
And after yummy pizza (that means a dinner I didn't have to make!),  we had amazing banana splits:

See?  Confetti- right on my Ice Cream!

Presents came last, and this is the sweetest part.  They did go to the thrift store, and amazingly scored on an awesome bread loaf pan in a fab pattern.  Then they went to Rocket Fizz (super cool soda pop and candy shop!) to get some treats to put in it.  When they got to the counter, the guy was counting candy and said, "So, there's four of you and only three things on the counter.  Who didn't get one?"  They explained they were buying (with their own money) candy for their mama's birthday.  He said he had never seen that before, so he told them to get a small bag from the back and fill it with salt water taffy for me.  So very cool!  Now that most of the nausea is gone, I will definitely be making a "thank you" stop into RF soon.   So here is my fab present, all packed up:

This was minus a few taffies...!

I opened the rest of my presents to the AWESOME sound of the Go-Go's Beauty and the Beat record (another present) playing on our turntable...thanks to my sweetheart!  I was blessed in so many ways on my birthday, and am so thankful for another year of enjoying it all.