Friday, July 22, 2011

Birthday Sweetness- Part 2...finally!

Ok, so this took waaay longer than I thought it would to get this out.  There is a very sweet story in it though, so I thought I would finish what I started.  My second birthday treat was on the actual day of my birthday.  After a hard day at work, my love came home, gathered up the kiddos (minus the littlest, who was still napping) and went shopping.  I know, a last minute shopper extraordinaire.  Isabel had wanted to go to the thrifts to see if they could find any Pyrex for me (so sweet).

When they got home (with pizza, too!), the little and I were out in the garden, and were basically locked out until they got things ready.  When we got to come in, the party was already happenin'.  All the coolest people were there:

Umm, those are confetti blowers in their hands...
And after yummy pizza (that means a dinner I didn't have to make!),  we had amazing banana splits:

See?  Confetti- right on my Ice Cream!

Presents came last, and this is the sweetest part.  They did go to the thrift store, and amazingly scored on an awesome bread loaf pan in a fab pattern.  Then they went to Rocket Fizz (super cool soda pop and candy shop!) to get some treats to put in it.  When they got to the counter, the guy was counting candy and said, "So, there's four of you and only three things on the counter.  Who didn't get one?"  They explained they were buying (with their own money) candy for their mama's birthday.  He said he had never seen that before, so he told them to get a small bag from the back and fill it with salt water taffy for me.  So very cool!  Now that most of the nausea is gone, I will definitely be making a "thank you" stop into RF soon.   So here is my fab present, all packed up:

This was minus a few taffies...!

I opened the rest of my presents to the AWESOME sound of the Go-Go's Beauty and the Beat record (another present) playing on our turntable...thanks to my sweetheart!  I was blessed in so many ways on my birthday, and am so thankful for another year of enjoying it all.


  1. How wonderful is that! Your family is soooo sweet. =)

  2. It sounds like you've raised some incredibly thoughtful kids, and your husband is definitely a keeper too! I love that he got you the Go-Go's - that would be on my list as well. And yes, you DO need to make a trip to Austin - it's definitely one-of-a-kind! Thanks for stopping by this week! -diane

  3. It sounds like the perfect day - happy belated birthday!

  4. I was wondering how the rest of the night went. Glad you had fun. What's in the little black pouch? Doesn't look like candy to me. ;)

  5. Very observant Sarah! Isabel and Olivia each got me some jewelry! :) So very sweet- love is definitely the best gift ever!

  6. Aw, happy extended b-day. It was very *sweet* of them to get you all that delish candy :-)