Monday, September 12, 2011

Summer Lovin'

This summer is sinking into the sunset, and has flown by so fast!  I will definitely be doing a catch up post (or two!) soon, because it was definitely filled with wonderful memories.

My sweetheart and I just recently celebrated our 15th anniversary, and got to sneak away for a bit to have a "kissing trip" as my 6 year old called it.  Smart girl!  Mr. Beetree found an amazing hotel tucked away on an historical horticultural center- it was lush and beautiful- just perfect!  Our trip couldn't have been any better- a private picnic on the beach, swimming, a long bike ride around a lake and along the beach, among other things! ;)  We ended it with a trip to an antique shop.  We saw so many cool things...and came home with a "Meet the Beatles" record that, despite a smudge that I wasn't sure about, plays perfectly and sounds incredible!  This shop/mall was so big that it actually tired me out.  To be fair, I am 6 1/2 months pregnant, and had just finished our sweet bike ride. 


In the process of looking through the store, we got separated for a bit.  When I met up with him again,  he looked up at me and said..."I found something, but I'm not sure I should show you!"  Of course I wanted to see immediately. :)  We walked around the corner to a little nook, and there on the wall was this peeking at me...

Now, he knows that I have wanted a starburst clock for only forever, but will not pay the ebay prices that are over $100 for them.  I have never actually seen one in person,  but have had to be content pausing old movies to drool over the ones on the walls.  There are so many different kinds out there, and there were just a few that I had wanted.  This clock, although amazing to look at, was not one of those.  As I was extremely exhausted, I admired it and was able to walk away, even thought the price was well under ebay pricing.  I was so tired I almost left the store without the Beatles album- I was "scrape me off the sidewalk" tired.  When we got home, (and after a nap!),  as we were listening to our new record,  I was so thankful that we had it.  I was looking at the wall over my sewing machine table, and could totally see the starburst clock there, looking absolutely amazing.  Do you know I thought of that clock all night?!  The next morning,  I asked the mister..."Would it be horrible if I wanted to go back and get the clock?"  He said, "Yes, because it's  not the one you want!"  Oh, sensibility.  It was mostly because I was tired- I didn't want ANYTHING at that point- ever been that tired?!  But then he said..."If you really want it, then go!"  Oh YAY!!!  So, after a bit of a drive, and a bit of haggling,  this is what our wall looks like now...for less than HALF of ebay pricing!!!

I'm so glad he found this- and that I went back for it... it's a perfect way to mark our time together! :)   It actually looks way better than any other type of starburst would with our stuff.  Now I just have to rearrange things a bit....

Even more than stuff though, I am so very thankful that God has blessed us so amazingly with this incredible love- His love for us, and the love that He has blessed us with in each other.  It isn't always easy or perfect-  the last 15 years we have had our share of beautiful moments and times we have had pain and hard times to work through.  But the commitment to love is what makes it such a beautiful thing.  I love that 1 Corinthians spells out what true love is- it's all the hard stuff- patience, not being rude.  And at the end of it all, it says Love Never Fails...not when you commit your heart to it.  So here is to 15 years of true, amazing, romantic and long lasting, never-failing love- I hope you all get to experience this love- it really is the best!


  1. Such a sweet anni post! Love the 'new' clock that came with a story. Hope you are feeling perkier now ;)

  2. Congrats on all the love! You guys are so darn adorable :-) That clock is fantastic! It looks great up on the wall!

  3. congrats and wishing you many more happy years and memories. also... summer! don't go!!!! *sniff* it was a good one.