Friday, October 28, 2011

Punkins with Pumpkins

Last year at this time, we took a field trip to Pete's Pumpkin Patch, a local, family-owned pumpkin patch.  It was so much fun, and I totally forgot my camera! :(  LAME.  Not this year!  This time, I was armed and ready...

We got up early and got there a bit before we were supposed to.  Last year it got hot pretty quickly, and I wanted to get pictures (and let them climb "The Hill") before the rest of the group (and the heat!) got there. 

I wish you could tell how steep this hill is, but it is quite the hike to the top.  Once you make it up there, it rewards you with an amazing view of the area- all the way to the ocean!  I wasn't about to hike it this year, not with an eight month ripe punkin of my own to tote up and down.  So while they burned off some energy,  I got to enjoy all the beautiful pumpkins that Pete's has to offer. 

Just one side of their stand...

Love the veriegated patterns!

Definitely came home with one of these!

Halloween Elephant, anyone?
It took a while for them to hike all the way up, but they made it back just in time for the presentation...

Wait for us!!!

How pumpkins grow

Gooey insides
AND...the hayride around the property...


Look at all those pumpkins!

A sweet treat to finish it off...compliments of Rocket Fizz! YAY! pick our pumpkins....

Littlest punkin is done with pictures!
And go through (or OVER) the hay bale maze...

And say a wacky goodbye to a friend...

All of this fun before 11:30am!  Pete's, we will be back next year- thanks for the fun!


  1. Oh how seeing these pictures makes me miss you and your family so!!! And did I read 8 months with a lil punkin?!?! Yay! Congrats! Give everyone my love for me. xoxo

  2. Hey Mrs. Friddle-good to hear from you! Miss you guys too, and heard you have two littles now. :) You read right- our little punkin should be ready by Christmas, and everyone is super excited- best present ever! xoxo