Monday, October 17, 2011

Solvang in Pictures

Early in the summer we took a trip up to Solvang.  Solvang is a little jewel of a place, tucked away in the Santa Ynez Valley.  I used to think it was just a fun little Danish tourist town, but there is a rich history in Solvang.  It is an authentic Danish community, with many people still speaking Dutch.  This year they are celebrating their 100th Anniversary, and have had many special events. 

Right before you enter Solvang, there is Mission Santa Ines, which is the 19th out of 21 California missions established between 1769-1823.  We took a tour of the inside, and of the beautiful grounds.  It is still a functioning parish, and we were treated to beautiful singing while we were looking in the chapel (they were practicing- we weren't disturbing service!).

It was a very beautiful place to stroll and look, and the kids were fascinated by the old things they had on display inside.  Isabel was horrified when we were outside and she realized she was walking through an actual cemetery with tombstones- it was kinda funny. :)

Next, we headed a few blocks into Solvang, where we hit up a super-cool toy store, had some dinner, walked it off, and finished at an old fashioned ice- cream parlor.  I was too full to try the chocolates, but they hand make chocolates there, and it smelled amazing!

It was a good day!  Definitely will be back to try some pastries... :)


  1. Do you have the happiest family in the world? Your kids always have such huge smiles - not just a 'smile for the camera' smile, but genuine smiles :)

  2. Looks like you guys had so much fun and some yummy treats! Love those Calif. missions!


  3. Rene' and Happy: Thanks for stopping by and for the sweet comments! :) We had so much fun, and the smiles do show it! Now, stop by at math time and it might be a different story... ;)

  4. I love Solvang! It is so charming and there are candy stores on every corner. Definitely a place you could eat yourself into a coma. My BF and I passed through there after wine tasting one day. We were late and all the shops were closing. We made it into the ice cream parlor you show above, but they shoo'ed us out before we could get a cone! Maybe next time, I'd love to go back! :-)

  5. Amber- so sad you had to leave without a cone! The stores are all so cute, aren't they?! We got there later and had dinner, so by the time we were done, almost all of the pastry shops were closed- which was probably a good thing for my disappearing waistline! Definitely food coma territory...we plan to go back! :)

  6. looks like an interesting place! lovely fountain and beautiful trees. funny about the cemetery!

  7. Ana- I sooooo wish I had a picture of her expression when she learned it wasa real graveyard she was walking on- it was priceless!