Monday, November 7, 2011


I am soooo thankful for bedtime!  Mine, for sure, but also for the kiddos.  After the littles go down, and it's quiet and calm, it's nice to spend some time with the Mister.  While he was giving our chairs a makeover the other night, I sat in the garage with him and finished this little guy:

This cute hedgehog is my first attempt at making a pillow/plushie, and I'm excited at how it turned out.  I did make a few mistakes, but for my next one, I'll know better!  We are doing a woodland theme for the baby, and I found the video for this from Decor It Yourself.   It was an easy first project (the spikes were a tad tricky- but only because I'm a super-novice sewer!)  I already have requests for one from all the girls, so I will be hitting up the thrifts for more fabric.  I'm also planning on designing an owl, and maybe a fox...

***Update pics for the chair backs:

Mr.  Bee Tree took strips of the bottom fabric to make a "shag" siding for each of the chairs, then cut and glued one or two flowers to the top.  I love the boho feel the shag gives, and that each chair is now completely unique.  Plus, you can see the little flowers peeking over the table when the chairs are pushed in- not to mention, our shirts aren't getting caught on broken wood anymore- yay!  One more thing to be thankful for! :)

 Have you seen any woodland themed crafts that were adorable and easy?

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