Wednesday, November 2, 2011

Crossing Things Off My Thrift List

Today I am thankful that I finally can cross "spice rack" off my thrift list!!  Seriously,  I did not think this would be a big deal to pick up.  Just a run of the mill, wall mounted spice rack,  to re-purpose as a nail polish holder.   See, I had a cool metal trunk that I kept all my nail polish in, all nice and orderly-like.  Well,  add four nail polish lovin' little girls to the mix, and you have a big mess o' colors that sometimes spills out.   I can tell you this has been an item I searched for MONTHS and months on end!  Not even freecycle could help me.   I did not want to spend the money for a new one, and I knew  that if I had patience, it would show up.  And voila!

Hello, beautiful!
A few weeks ago I was able to score this for under $2.50!  It's nice to be organized again. :)  Also on that same trip,  I found those adorable wall plaques that remind me of my Holly Hobby toy box when I was little...

She's my favorite!
Love the color combos!

The plaques are made of plaster of paris,  and covered in the back with cool paper.  There was nothing to hang them by, so I carefully peeled the paper back a bit and glued ribbon to the top, in between the plaster and paper.  Hopefully it will stay!  

I know this area is probably more of a temptation for the littles as it is soooo girly and cute, but so far they have done a great job asking and not getting into!

What are you thankful for today?  Use the comment section to share!


  1. My older sister calls her young kids the "littles" too, although they are getting bigger everyday! I like the nail polish shelf! That is such a clever idea. Now you house looks like a nail salon. The Holly Hobby plaques are cute too!

  2. Thanks Amber! And they ARE getting bigger every day.. :( Every age is fun, though! I did have the thought that we are due for an earthquake and this might be a big mess to clean up in that case, but at least it's over my laundry hamper...and since that is usually full, I think I'm covered! :)

  3. oh those wall plaques are so cute! i don't think could've resisted either.

    enjoying your thankful posts :)

  4. Thanks Ana! Feel free to join in and thank away's addictive! :)

  5. I love those little wall plaques. The first one kinda reminds me of that mug I love so much. :) nice score!

  6. The bonnets are very similar to those little sweet! I haven't forgotten- I always keep my eyes peeled for them when I thrift! ;)