Tuesday, November 8, 2011



Ginger Ale, and Creamsicles (does anyone else know these as 50/50 bars?) are the things I'm thankful for right now...as these things were the only things the kids could keep down today.  Why is it that when you are sick, the things that are good for you don't sound good at all, and the things loaded with sugar are the only things that make a sick tummy feel better?!  I can remember being sick and getting 50/50 bars when I was little.  What were your sick comfort foods as a kid?


  1. We got ginger ale, and the occasional popsicle if it was a sore throat. I remember eating butter beans, aka lima beans when I was sick and also my mom's amazing homemade potato soup. Moms always know whats best :-)

  2. Potato soup sounds so good! :) I made chicken soup last night and finally two out of three felt better enough to eat it. The third wanted peas (go figure?!)and kept them down- hopefully today will be a feeling better day!