Saturday, November 5, 2011


I am sure many of you are with me when I say I am thankful for Saturdays!  We usually use Saturday to clean and get the house in order, and then tackle any projects.  It feels good to have time to do that, knowing we still have tomorrow to go to the beach or do something fun.  One of today's projects was to finally recover and fix our dining room chairs.  They are cool antique chairs that I picked up on the cheap many moons ago.  They had really cool scrolled wood backs, but the backs on all but a few have been busted out...

Not only that, but they are WAAAAY overdue for new fabric.  We've taken the fabric off and washed it, but that only lasts so long with little ones and breakfast, lunch and dinner!  So today, my man tackled the chairs...

My hero!

I love this new fabric!  The color is a bit distorted in the picture, but it's chocolate underneath, with orange, red, greens and yellow- it makes me happy. :)  A little (or a lot) Scotch Guard and we are set.  It's nice to finally get this done!
P.S.  Might just be cutting a flower or two out of the extra fabric to put on top! :)


  1. They look great! I LOVE that flowery fabric. :)

  2. Thanks everyone! I may have to do an update pic- he added a flower or two to the red tops and they came out so cute. :)

  3. That turned out so lovely! I have an idea for the upper area of fabric, if you have enough chairs for all of your family members, you could cut out a profile silhouette of each person and put it on the chair! Then everyone would have a personalized seat :-)

  4. Thanks Amber! :) We actually don't have enough of those chairs (just six), but we are looking for two more chairs of the same-ish style...