Friday, November 18, 2011


After a good cleaning they'll be good to go :)

I am thankful for happy surprises!  When my mom came down, she brought a few surprises with her.  She knows I love collecting old Pyrex, and had gotten 3 bowls for a really amazing deal.  Two of them are in the Spring Blossom pattern that I collect, and the third is a new, fun pattern for me, the Orange Yellow Daisy:
So Happy!

I am also so thankful for my mom, and for her thoughtfulness!  I'm glad she scored all three bowls for only $10- up where she lives, the thrifts are over-priced and have nothing but junk, so this really was a SUPER-score for her!  Thanks, Mom- love you!!! xoxo


  1. What a great surprise from your Mom!

  2. That's a nice addition to any collection! Lucky you!!!

  3. I can't believe your good luck finding the 3 charcoal snowflake dishes and getting such a sweet deal! Very nice! :)

    --Erin {}