Tuesday, November 1, 2011


I'm so excited about this first day of November!  It feels like fall is finally here.  Usually that's how October feels for me, but this October we had heat wave after heat wave...definitely not feelin' like fall.  So today I excitedly flipped the page on the calendar, and this is what greeted me:

Sorry it's so dark!

What happened to fall?!?  What about Thanksgiving?!  I mean, it's a really cute picture...for Christmas!

Tonight was the capper though- the Mister and I went out for a walk, and around the corner in one of the neighbor's windows, was... A CHRISTMAS TREE!   Has the world gone batty? Don't get me wrong- I love celebrating Christmas, and this whole time of the year is my favorite.  But please, can we just make it stretch a little and enjoy each moment in it's place?!  I still haven't even made pumpkin bread or even toasted my seeds yet!  Not to mention caramel apples. :)

Even before the calendar and the walk,  I had decided to try to post one thing I'm thankful for each day until Thanksgiving.  These things just kinda sealed the deal.

Today I'm cheating though, because I'm posting two!  The first thing I'm thankful for is that today I got a text from my sweetheart saying, "What are you doing for lunch?"  Those don't get to happen all the time, but it was the perfect day for a "spontaneous rendezvous" (as my son dubbed it!).  We got to sit outside and eat fish tacos and talk for a bit- love!

The second thing I'm thankful for is fall get-togethers with friends!  Sunday we made a big pot of chili, a slab of corn bread, and got to carve (and paint!) pumpkins together.

The dads gettin' down to business!

We had so much fun carving and goofing around.  After the chili was devoured, there was a bonfire and apple pie to enjoy.  Everyone was too busy talking and eating to get pictures of that part!  There was also a fort made...

"Smelling Pumpkins" was second choice for Billy Corgan...
It was a very fun day indeed, and we were all thankful!

You can share what you are thankful for, too!  Just use the comment section- I'd love to hear!


  1. Adorable, as usual! I'm thankful for November too! (Christmas can wait) This month is my Brother's birthday, my Dad's and my sister's too! I'm Thankful for my family!

  2. Wow, Amber! November is definitely family month for you all- how fun! That makes an awesome month even better. :)

  3. Hee-hee, "Smelling Pumpkins"
    Love all the pictures!