Tuesday, November 15, 2011

Weekend Shower Recap

This last weekend was magical!  My mom and sister drove 7 hours (with two littles!) to give us a baby shower.   We had all been working separately on projects for a while, and were having so much fun with the theme (woodland).  When they came we were able to finish up last minute things together (like making Persimmon Coffee Cake, mushroom and acorn cookies,  and picking out the cheese for the board). 


Soooo Adorable!

Deer and Little Birds- SO cute!

Sarah made all the adorable little critters, and my mom found a mobile at a garage sale we can use to hang these little guys up for the baby's bed- they are perfect!  Thank You!!

Woodland Centerpiece

My mom made this centerpiece, no doubt finding the things she needed right outside her door (it's beautiful up where she lives)!  She used clay for the hedgehog faces, and they came out so cute!

Acorn Garland
Sophia and I had finished the acorn garland, and were going to put it across the fireplace mantle, but liked it better where it ended up.  The only trouble was that we had only made it one sided, so Sophia got some fun craft time with Grandma while they finished the other side of the acorns.

We also made mushroom COOKIES! Yes, these are cookies, not real mushrooms.  They aren't meringue either, because I don't like those.  I will say these cookies are an acquired taste, but I ended up loving them (so did my little buddy Simeon...more on him in a bit!).

Acorns, anyone?
It wasn't ALL sweets!

Homemade Focaccia

We made chocolate chip cookies for everyone to take home, and my mom used her Cricut machine to cut out the cute little tags.  We also had yummy chocolate chip pumpkin bread that Sophia and Isabel made all by themselves.  They are becoming quite the bakers, which thrills me to no end!

We also set up an iced tea bar- Sarah brought flavored syrups to add to the jars...

Write your name on a tag...
Unsweetened tea in the beehive...
Add ice and your flavor (Blackberry was popular!)
And grab a coaster!
The Pear Cider was a big hit!

OR, if you were cold, there was Pear Cider, and coffee...

We really wanted our friends and family to feel pampered and to have fun at the party.  It was so much fun planning out details (and whittling a lot of projects down!).  I am so thankful for every single person that was able to come and spend time celebrating this new little baby with us!

My partners in crime :)
The first arrivals- Cindy and Dana :)
Family- Nat, Lacey, Kathy and Ginny :)
My Aunt Anna and Mom :)
Regina, Cindy and I in a weird green tinted picture!
LaRonna made it, despite 2 soccer games for her kids!! :)
Silliness belongs at parties!
It was so much fun, and sooo good to see everyone.  I didn't get half the pictures I wanted because we were all busy talking and catching up.  I'm hoping to get pictures from other people taking them as well, but I definitely have wonderful memories from this day.  I am so thankful for everyone(and their generosity!) who came from near and far to share this with us-  we definitely were feelin' the love!


  1. so so sweet! what an adorable theme, those little felt critters are ridiculously cute. that fox with the oversized ears? aww!

    i'm so curious now about what those mushroom cookies taste like! adorable details, sounds like everyone had a good time.

  2. Hi Ana! The mushrooms are very dry, as there is a lot of cornstarch in the recipe. They smell like sugar cookies, but are not as sweet. More like a cross between a shortbread and English biscuit maybe? I am now addicted though. :) Thankfully I won't be making these little novelties often, as I would probably be the only one eating them! If you do make them, we put a little extra butter in the second batch, and didn't cook as long...it seemed to help!

  3. Wow, it looked so fabulous! You guys really went all out with your theme! I have to say the felts animals are totally d'awwwww! I love the idea of the unsweetened ice tea in the dispenser and the optional syrups, very original! Also, please post the recipe for the acorn cookies...I want to make some of those myself for our Mega Thanksgiving party! Great post and Happy Baby Shower!

  4. So cute!! What a great theme! And I of course love the Pyrex.

  5. Thanks Amber and Cara-Mia! Amber, I found a few different versions online for the acorns, and they are really easy. You'll need: mini choc chips, either mini Nilla Wafers or mini Nutter Butters (we used both!), and Hershey's Kisses. Melt a bit of the choc chips in the microwave- use this as glue. "Glue" mini cookie to the flat side of the kiss, and after the chocolate hardens, glue a mini chocolate chip to the top of the acorn cap- easy and adorable!

  6. Absolutely adorable! What a great theme. I don't know how you find the energy to do all this.