Thursday, December 8, 2011

Santa Sighting

When we ran to the grocery store this morning for milk, guess who we saw shopping?

You Smell Like Beef and don't smell like Santa!

Does Vons Carry Reindeer Food?!
See You Soon, Big Guy!

Gabe was giddy with excitement and took some stealth photos! :)


  1. I wonder what children think when they see that...

  2. Especially when he has cool, real facial hair like that!

  3. Good job on the stealth photos, even though Santa knows when you are sleeping and know when you are awake, he probably also knows when he's being photographed! I had a Santa sighting last weekend too! He was spotted driving a Red SUV in full Santa garb. Even looked like Mrs. Clause was in the seat in next to him. The sleigh must've been in the shop and the SUV was a loaner! :-)

  4. I saw Santa at McDonald's yesterday morning!