Thursday, December 1, 2011

Snow Is For (or From!) The Birds

Last year I put white lights on the mantle, but the only white lights I could find at the time had green wire.  I ended up covering them up with green moss, which worked out great- I liked the way it looked.   This year when I was thinking of the mantle, I saw white feathers.  When I went to Jo Ann's they had a bogo sale on feather boas- yay!  Plus a coupon or two, and my whole entire order ended up being half-off.  I really like the way it looks, even though it's very minimalistic.  Next year I will definitely be adding to the mantle, but for this year I'm resisting the urge to put everything out or go over the top- because that means packing it all up with a newborn.

I also rearranged some of the things we did last year, making a little vintage area:

The Santa and reindeer have seen better days, but they are from my mom, and we've had them since I was little.  She used to put it on the mantle with the manger scene, which was place on top of Angel Hair.  Does anyone remember that stuff?  It's spun glass, and she would have to put it on with gloves every year.  I guess that definitely would discourage any sneaky touching of the manger scene!  My kids now love the Santa and wait for it to come out every year (minus the spun glass!)

It's fun to pull everything out each year and see favorites- it's like seeing old friends again.  I also love to see the kids get excited to see their favorites.  What are some of your favorite Christmas decorations?  Do you switch things around each year, too- or keep things the same?


  1. I love the vintage set up! I have a big old white artificial tree that gets a full vintage treatment. This year I'm making some Kitschmas wreaths from the tutorial over at the Betty Crafter Blog. They are turning out so cute! I'm totally addicted. I can't wait to make some more of them. I'll post pics on my blog soon. You are so lucky to have kids to share Christmas with, it is such a great time for the littles!

  2. That's right- you mentioned those wreaths- still hafta hop over to see- or just wIt til you post yours! ;) and I totally agree- Christmas is even more magical with kids! I love hearing them singing Christmas the shower, back yard, Costco- wherever!

  3. I remember Angel Hair!! Love your vintage touches!!
    I hope this posts ok...I've been having some trouble with blog posts!!
    Fingers crossed :)

  4. Thanks Rene'! It posted just fine- and I'm glad someone else knows what angel hair is!