Thursday, February 2, 2012

Seeing My Shadow

Since it is Groundhog Day, I thought it would be a good time to come out of my comfy little burrow to have a peek around and say hello.  And I don't mind saying that I really wouldn't be disappointed with another six weeks of winter...

I love her little hand on mine...

These last 5 1/2 weeks with little Noelle have been amazing, and also very difficult at the same time.  First off, she is an angel.  She is so sweet!  She really is an easy baby, and I'm so thankful for that.  We all are smitten with her. The difficult part was the whole breastfeeding thing and dealing with new challenges that came with it.  On top of a dose of baby blues...blah.  I am so very thankful for my husband, children, family and friends for their prayers, love, support and encouragement.  Not to mention our sweet homeschool community that made us awesome dinners!  It was just what I needed to get me through the hardest parts. 

A cuddle with Grandma- how sweet!

This last weekend, in response to outbursts of emotion on the telephone (and the lure of the smell of new baby!), my mom and sister drove down to come help us out.  It turns out that their visit was also just what I needed.  On top of Mexican chocolate in my oatmeal...has  anyone else heard of this for increasing milk supply?! :)  All factors combined, I am happy to report we are doing much, much better. Prayer, Perseverance, and's a powerful combination!

A midnight game of Yahtzee :)
Speaking of Yahtzee...Gabe got the coolest Pirate's of the Caribbean Yahtzee for his birthday, which we celebrated, Lord Of The Rings Style, last month.  He had a friend spend the night, and they delved into all things Middle Earth...even learning to speak Elvish!

The White Tree Of Gondor

I was up at 1:30am making Elvish Lembas Bread (shortbread cookies) like it was no big deal.  My hours are so mixed up!  Thankfully the whole up-at-night thing hasn't been too painful this time around.

Elvish Lembas Bread for your Journey!

One small bite is enough....

To fill the stomach of a grown man...
Unfortunately for me, one small bite is enough to entice you to eat the whole pan!  I have never made shortbread before, nor have I been a big fan.  Until now!  Every pregnancy comes with things that make me run to the bathroom at the mention of it, and new cravings of things that I never before liked.  One pregnancy it was, unfortunately, displayed here.  Just looking at these pictures of Lembas is making me want another late night bake session.  I think I'll hold out until Valentine's Day.  No chocolate, thank you- just a whole pound of butter please.  I'm in trouble!


  1. Oh my goodness, she is the sweetest thing! As you can see, I've been away from blog-land for awhile now, so it's great to see that you now have your prize at the end of your very long 9 months! Of all the things that friends have done for us, I have to say that delivering meals to us after each new baby was wonderful. Enjoy your food service and family as well! -diane

    1. It's great to have you back, Diane! And you're right, the meals were such a blessing to our family.

  2. Adorable! And I haven't heard of the Mexican Chocolate thing, but oatmeal, YES! Worked for me! ;) Happy late birthday Gabe!

    1. I didn't know oatmeal was supposed to help, too! So I've got a double whammy! :)

  3. What a sweet baby! It's making me miss my girls' baby days! (They are now 20 and 17, lol!)

    The first few months are hard work. Hope you're getting a lot of rest!

    1. Thanks, De Tout! Doesn't the time fly by? We try to enjoy each one of their stages as much as we possibly can, because it goes all too quickly. :(

  4. Oh gosh, she is adorable! I was luck y to meet her in person a few weeks back, sleeping like an agel in the carseat. D'aw! The shortbread looks yummy. I have some friends who make lavender shortbread. It is to die for!

  5. I'm so glad we got to hook up Amber! It was great to see you, and I'm glad you got a sneak peak at Noelle. :) I've seen a few recipes for lavender shortbread, but have never had any. I'll have to try it sometime!

  6. i do understand about those early days.. it's such a mix of emotions. of course it's all good overall but there are some very tough moments. you know you will get through it, but it's wonderful that you have family to help out when in need.

    great to hear from you. those lembas look delicious!