Saturday, March 10, 2012

Coffee, Tea, Soda Pop...

Oh dear me! :)   I have been finding some fun stuff lately, and I'll be sharing it with you in the next few posts.  First up are some great drinking buddies.  This carafe was the first in the grouping.

I really love the look of this.  It makes me want a cup of hot coffee and pie.  It says "Made in Sweden" on the bottom, along with this trademark:

It's a crown with "JUNE" underneath.  Does anyone know anything about this manufacturer?  Google was useless.  I would love to know more.

I found some super cute cups, too- in separate trips.  First, this adorable Herself the Elf mug:

Soooo cute- such a nice way to start the morning!  Then yesterday I found this amazing set of four Takahashi retro flower mugs and saucers...

These make me so happy!  I love the colors and design, and I know a few little girls that can't wait to get their hands on these... :)

I also found this complete set of Libbey glassware- in the original box!  I love these glasses, and they will be making an appearance at a certain soon-to-be seven year old's party...

Hello, 1975!

I love the flowers (are you sensing a theme?!) and the bubble design at the bottom.  It was a great find for us, as usually sets come in four or six, but we needed 8, and all three sizes were present and accounted for!  I've been having to clear a bit of space for some of these new things, but I really don't mind.  It's so much fun to find these vintage items when they are also super useable.  I'll be back soon with some more thrift magic- have a beautiful weekend!

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  1. I remember my grandma having that glass set, also in the box. It was the box I recognized, I'm not sure if she ever took the glasses out! Ha!

  2. That's funny Katie! These were turned loose in my cupboard. :) The box IS very stylish though!

  3. Those mugs so cute! All of them! I'm pretty sure I've never found anything worth bragging about at a thrift store. :/ Still I go, hoping that something fun will turn up! Glad you found some fun and useful items. :)

    1. You're time is coming, just keep going! :) i sure wish you were down here...xoxo