Wednesday, March 14, 2012

Fabric Love

I love picking up fabric at the thrift stores- usually they have bags of random pieces for a low price.  If I like what I can see, I get it- it's really like a mystery grab bag! Thankfully, most of the time I've gotten some really cool stuff.  These are recent finds:

I love these- especially the one on the right.  I can totally see a cute skirt, some cool pillows, and random projects coming from this (maybe a chair cushion?!).  It's well over 3 yards of fabric, so I am excited to have found this! 

So Happy!

This next one was sandwiched in between some fabric, and a neat surprise. It's cool because it's a panel, so there are different pictures to it...

This next piece was hanging, and not in a bag.  I loved it right away and grabbed it for the fabric.  It ended up  being curtains.  I was going to hold onto them for a project...

When I got them home, I realized that with some sewing magic, I could transform them to fit our kitchen windows. They came out super cute, and inspired a little switch in the kitchen.  The very next thrift trip, I found this for under $2.00...

And I DO!!!

Isn't it funny how this seems to happen- things just come together sometimes when you aren't even trying!  I had a few other things that I've been holding on to in this same color/style- so we are enjoying a happy change for spring.  Do you like to change things up seasonally?



  1. I didn't know thrift stores has scrap fabric! How exciting! Love love the happy retro prints. Not going to lie I am kind of jealous of your finds lol. Happy projecting wishes to you :)

    1. I know how you feel- when we were up there, it was an 11 year drought! It was frustrating to go into the thrifts up there because it's all way over-priced junk. So I stopped going. :( The thrift stores down here are pretty amazing...i guess I'm making up for lost time. :]

  2. ok, these are the exact prints that I find overseas! These are an AWESOME find! Woohoo! -diane

    1. That's awesome Diane- thanks for letting me know! When I saw your post I thought it was funny timing- we are definitely kindred spirits!