Thursday, March 8, 2012

I Love Fun Mail!

A few weeks ago I had some nice things waiting for me in my mailbox...which is soooo much better than bills and junk. :)  They came in the middle of a nasty sinus infection, so it was perfect timing to cheer me up!

First up, my mom found a SWEET Pyrex butter dish for me.  I've been wanting one, but haven't seen any in my thrifting.  She found it for $1.00, and with half-off day...YUP! Fifty Cents! 

Cool Woodland Pattern
I'm afraid my mom now has the Pyrex bug after this score...she has scored a few bowls for herself and is constantly thinking of the thrifts now...someone call a doctor, cause the lady has the fever!

My bloggy friend Amber, over at I Heart Everything was having a fundraiser of sorts for her sweet ol' Dodge Dart Wagon.  She has an Etsy shop with some cool vintage finds, and I was able to pick up this:

She was sweet and stuck a few great surprises in my order for me and the kiddos...

Vintage Pyrex Ad- I have that Primary Yellow Bowl! :)

Fun Stickers, and this cool '60/'61 Activity Book

Take a gander at a very cool project:

Oh, Yes Please!!!
Now if I can figure out a way to enlarge this stuff. ;)  Thanks, Mom and Amber for making my week more cheery!

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