Saturday, April 14, 2012

My First Crush, And A Retro Date Night

 I have been wanting to find an orange crushed velvet swivel rocker for a very long time. I found one a loooong time ago at a thrift store, before I was married.  It was sitting there with a ray of sunlight illuminating its velvety grooves, calling my name.  For $35(which, for a college student working a part-time job, living off tortillas from Trader Joe's,was a huge sum!)it was mine. I proceeded to shove it in the back seat of my Ford Escort and brought it home. Home being the "room" I was renting out, which was behind, but connected in an odd fashion to,  a house that was being rented by a bunch of friends. The "room" that my husband later had to tell me was actually half a garage converted into a rental(and I was completely oblivious to this)...but that is a totally different story. Back to my chair. That chair was my favorite! It moved with me when I got married, feeling right at home with the beaded hippie curtains, incense, and Pearl Jam playing in the background. It cuddled our firstborn as I took monthly pictures to show his growth, next to his Pooh bear- the same bear that started out way bigger than him, then gradually evened out, and now is small in his teenage arms. My orange chair made the journey with us as we moved from southern to northern California, and cuddled our second baby in the same sweet way it had done with our first. There is a limit, though, to all faithful vintage friends. Years of trusty, retro styley service finally took it's toll, and my favorite velvety seat cracked it's metal coil base with a loud thud. It was a very sad day.

Flash forward to the happy birth of our newest little bee,  a saggy couch, and not a swivel rocky chair in sight.  I was determined to find a chair like my old friend- even in a different color, if necessary. I also wanted to replace our comfy but not firm couches with retro stylings. I started online searches. I enlisted the help of thrifting buddies- which almost worked in finding a chair, except for the funky wood frame. The few chairs I did find were over ten times what I paid for my old one, and although I am no longer living (entirely) on Trader Joe's tortillas, I refuse to pay that much.  Then lightning struck- in the form of a Craigslist ad for a vintage couch and retro rocking chair... for THIRTY bucks! Was it too good to be true? The pictures showed a floral couch, and- an orange swivel rocking chair! I set up a time to see them, then asked Mr. Beetree if he was up for a date night adventure. He was game, even if he was a bit skeptical. 

We arrived at the location a bit late, so it was getting dark. But as we pulled into the parking spot in front of the apartment, our headlights lit up the couch (that he had just put out on the patio for us), and my heart skipped!  It was way cooler than the pictures.

And there, sitting next to it, was THE chair. The pieces had been given to them by grandparents, helping them with first apartment furniture. The guy was so sweet- he ended up giving them both to us for $20 (it turns out neither of us had change like we thought)! The chair fit easily enough in the back of our van, but the couch is a monster, and needed a truly unique solution to get it home and make it ours...

Oh, yes we did!
We capped off our little adventure at a new-to-us coffee house, with warm beverages, a sweet treat, and spontaneous was wonderful!

 Our new couch and chair made it home safely, are fitting in fabulously, and are already making new memories with us.

 It's not quite the same as my old crush, but it is a good replacement. The kids love it, and it is comfy. It definitely was a fun adventure to have, and they both are worth the effort it took to get them home!


  1. What a fun adventure!! I love hearing about deals like that and the great memories they are making!! Looks great in the retro styled room complete with a cool looking clock and a funky phone!!

  2. Thanks, Rene! It really was a fun adventure, and a great date night. :) It's amazing how much furniture style and colors can dramatically transform a space (and your mood)!

  3. Hey Beetree...thinking about you and thought I'd say hi!!
    Hope you are having a great week!

  4. your couch looks lovely!! it seems right at home in your home. and thanks for sharing the story of it and how it came home with you, you might know i'm partial to such stories ;)

    (if this is a duplicate comment, sorry. i tried a moment ago and it disappeared into the abyss of the interwebs :P)