Friday, May 25, 2012

Five Month Milestones

Wow- time sure does fly!  Our little cutie-bug is five months old today, and I thought I'd do a short list of five things she can do...

1. She can say Mama!!! Yesterday she demonstrated her mastery of this word by saying it while crying...let's see how fast we can teach her to say "Papa"! ;)

2. She can blow raspberries like nobody's business.

3. She can roll over from her tummy to her back. I have yet to see this in action.

 4. She can sleep all the way through the night.  Can I get a "hallelujah"?!

5.  She can steal your heart faster than you can say, "Chubba Wubba"!

It's been a sweet five months! And we are so thankful God blessed us with her. :)

Thursday, May 3, 2012

Happy Pyrex Finds!

To be honest, I usually don't like shopping Goodwill.  The ones in our area never seem to have anything good when I go.  Maybe I'm just missing something. They do, however, sometimes carry leftovers from Target, and recently my friend found us the cutest woodland themed comforter that we had been wanting to get for the girls room...for $15!!! So I have found myself heading to Goodwill a lot these days, in hopes of scoring a matching comforter for the other bed.  This week I went in (with no comforter luck), and decided to stroll by the kitchen section.  I spied pink on the bottom shelf and held my breath....and this is what I saw:

Hello, Flamingo Pink!!!
 I quickly turned it over to see how much it was, and almost dropped it when I saw the price!

I've never seen Flamingo at a thrift before, and this is my first piece of pink. There was also a clear round casserole with a lid for $2.99, so we asked if we could take the lid from the other and pay $2.99, and they said, "Sure!" Yipee!

From looking it up, it looks like the lid that is supposed to go with this has a knob, but this is definitely ok for now.  After we left Goodwill, we went to a few more thrifts, and beautiful orange caught my eye, in the form of a Daisy fridgie!!!

503 Beauty!
 At first I thought it might be a Friendship piece, but a quick look told me it was Daisy, just like the bowl my mom brought down for me a while back. Orange is one of my most favorite colors!

The price on this one? a whopping $2.99! I still can't believe they both were so cheap, but I am definitely thankful!  This is one set that I would love to find- it has two small yellow fridgies, and a medium orange-yellow 502. I will be hunting!

Wednesday, May 2, 2012

Fun with Decoupage

A while back I got this wooden mail holder from Legacy Studio on Etsy. 

It was very sturdy and well-made, but wasn't jiving as well as I thought it would with the rest of our space.  So I decided to tweak it a bit...with the help of some old magazines, Mod Podge, and my trusty printer.  I looked through a few of the mags until I found an image that I liked, and that would work with the color scheme.  I copied it onto regular printer paper, and was stoked when it came out looking exactly like the original ad- yellowing and all!  I cut it out into two sections, and put a layer of MP onto the wood where I wanted the first section.  I layed the ad on top, and went over it with my brush full of MP one time, trying to get minimum bubbles. It turned out like this:

I love this little guy!
The bottom part of the ad...

It was almost what I wanted,  except that I only had glossy MP, and the wood was you could see where the glue dried.  I gave it one finally coat of MP on the rest of the wood, and it was good to go!

A fun, quick and easy project that is functional and now vintage style-y!  Plus, I love that it came with a jar to put flowers in...the girls are always bringing me flowers from outside (LOVE!!!), so now they have a home.  What projects have you done lately?