Wednesday, June 27, 2012

Hurray For June!

Our actual calendar- funny it should be bees this month!

June is such a great month! We have lots to celebrate and much to be thankful for: birthdays (his and mine- Happy Birthday fellow June Bugs!), Father's Day, and an anniversary of when we first met (awww!).  The first weekend in June is Jam Berry Day at a local strawberry stand. They sell their ripe strawberries with the tops cut off for $1 a pound! (And, RATS!!! NO pictures AGAIN this year.  I am always so focused on getting 20-30lbs of strawberries that I don't juggle my camera well.  Next year, I PROMISE!!!).  There is June gloom- which I happen to LOVE!  If you don't live in soCal, it's a persistently foggy, cool weather pattern that settles in for at least the first half of June- it's lovely! June also brings the promise of luscious summer fruits. And there are June bugs (of the real sort. Not fun when they wind up in your burrito. Ask Mr. Bee...). :P

June also starts summer visitor season.  We have been blessed with amazing friends and family who will travel great distances to come see us.  I think our close proximity to the beach doesn't hurt, either! Last week we had our friend Jodi come stay with us for the whole week. We are so thankful that she spent her vacation on us and drove a great distance to be here.  We had a very fun visit with her, consisting of many late nights...and later mornings! She brought coffee (Yay!) and bananas...have you ever played Bananagrams? It is sooo fun...kinda like Scrabble, but a bit different. And fun bonus, it actually comes in a banana. :)

The very first game :)
First winning compilation...compliments of Gabe!
 We are a word-loving bunch (ha!), so Bananagrams is a perfect fit!  Someone decided to take it to the next level, and used every single tile in the bunch (that would be 144) to make one big puzzle...

This was done after 11pm, which was the average activity time while she was here.  We stayed up and took goofy pictures...

Jodi went around the house and took pictures of owls...over 60 for sure. Here's a fave...

Who-hooo's the cutest?!
She took some really cute pictures and made compilations of the kids.  She also brought down an awesome photo album that she made for us, including pictures of our time up in northern California, of her visit when we lived at the beach house, and of visits here.  So special.

We made brunch almost every day...because we woke up waaaay after breakfast.  This was usually the time of our first meal.

Gabe does not like brunch. He says he feels like he's getting cheated out of a meal. Growing teenagers!

I would be remiss if I did not mention Jodi's current Korean obsession, which centers around a certain k-pop boy band (can you say Big Bang?! Have you heard of this craze?)

File:LG전자, 4.3인치 대화면 스마트폰 ‘옵티머스 빅’ 출시.jpg
Big Bang
We went to the thrift store, and she found a really cute Korean mug:

Flashing the ASL sign for Korean
We watched movies (inside and outdoors!), stayed up and talked, and played games. I dragged her to Costco, Trader Joe's, Green Thumb- and she never complained. All of this was fit in between a really busy church/ministry schedule (Wed.-Sat. night), as last week was our first switch from Sunday service to Saturday night (can you say Sunday Surf Day?!!!)  And yes, we made it to the beach (yay!). All that to say that Jodi was such a blessing! It was a crazy week for her to come, but she is so go-with-the-flow that it all just worked. We are all so glad she came.  It just made June that much better!


  1. We have the stroller version of that owl!

    Why do they cut the tops off? Seems like lots of effort for $1 per pound...?

  2. Yay- I love that owl! And, the tops- I'm not entirely sure. The berries that they sell on Jam Berry Day are perfectly ripe, so they can't ship them. I think they do it so it's convenient for the customers- and they sell a lot that day! The line is usually long, but the smell in the air makes it worth the wait! Pictures next time, for sure!!!

  3. Ugh! Jealous! Miss you guys! Glad you had a good visit!

  4. We miss you guys, too! It's been waaaay to long. :(

  5. Bananagrams is SO FUN! Glad you're having a fabulous month! :) (And WHAT is up with the Korean band and all their phones?! Haha!)

  6. I have no idea...I had never heard of them! But then I mentioned it to my sister, and she knew exactly who I was talking about. She has a friend who loves them, too. People are obsessed with them!

  7. Sounds like a great visit! I didn't know your area has fog in June. And I admit to never visiting a Trader Joes before - we've never lived in a state that had one. I've heard they're great XOL

  8. Be prepared to spend time if you have the pleasure of getting to a Trader Joe's! The prices are great, they only carry items wirh no gross ingredients (of the high-poly-nitrate-y type....they have carried escargot in the past ;) ), and they have some really fun products that they scour the globe fo find (would LOVE to be their buyer!). In days long past, Mr. Bee and I both worked there, and it is a great company, inside and out! Hope you get to visit sometime!

  9. I just wanted to tell you how happy I was to hear from you!! I hope you've enjoyed the summer! It went by to fast! xo