Tuesday, June 5, 2012

A Small Bit of History and a Big Mess

I am happily sitting in the middle of a big mess. Why? Because of an unexpected blessing that happened over the weekend.  An ad on Freecycle (yes, FREE!) led me to a beautiful old display cabinet, and a heavy- (REALLY!) duty safe/file cabinet from the 1920's (more on that one later!).  

The ad said it was from a recent estate sale, valued at $389, but didn't sell.  I went to go see it before I committed Mr. Bee to hauling it for me, and was a bit surprised at how big (and beautiful!) it was.  The dark oak was gorgeous, but a huge concern for me was the amount of glass on the piece (with the amount of kids we have running amuck), but he quickly pointed out how thick it was, and since it was an old piece- it was built to last.

This is actually the back of the piece

That green line on top is the thickness of the glass!
Front and sides have this heavy granite on the bottom

 When he told me the history on this piece, I was so excited.  It belonged to his godmother, who owned a stationary store on Main Street, here in Santa Paula in the 1940's.  He thinks it was Santa Paula Stationary, but I will have to check around, as my neighbor remembers it being a different name.  I know it was used for display at least through the 60's, because we found this in side:

Someone (Emerald? Emwald?) "is interested in this one"...wonder what it was!
Wednesday, October 7, 1964
Soooo cool! I stayed up very late Friday night cleaning out the garage to make space so we could pick up the next morning. Thankfully I am not the only night owl around, and had a few helpers to make it easier.  Those same night owls were a great help with getting everything organized.  We still have a lot to do in the garage, as everything has been displaced and needs a new arrangement.  Gladly, for sure! I am so thankful that God leads us to these things that make our hearts sing. I am also thankful for the generousity of the couple who gave this away, and to the three movers- my Mister, our strapping teenage son, and our friend JR who let us wake him up early and donated his muscles to help haul this and the cabinet beasty (more on that when we get it in a proper place and can take pics).  It's a beautiful blessing!

For now, it will serve as much needed storage for extra kitchen and crafty-type items (and a bunch of games!). Eventually I would love to fill this case up with freshly baked breads, cakes and pies for sale- featuring, of course...

Maybe she will be back on Main Street someday... :)


  1. Wowsers! What a beautiful find!

  2. Hi Six! I am still in awe- it's like an early birthday present!

  3. Thanks, De Tout! It's good to hear from you! :)

  4. you had me at free.. I must go check out this website.. really?! Free?!

  5. Definitely check ot out! Every county has their own, and it's a bit different depending on where you live and the people who are doing the offering. We have been amazed at people's generosity, and it's nice to be able to offer things that people need. It's a cool way to build community. :)

  6. You amaze me. I'd look at that and think something like, 'that's really cool....what the heck would I do with it?' Then I would move on. Love that you already have it working for you. It is really cool by the way. :)

  7. It was sheer determination so that I could keep it (and the peace with the mister!). ;) AND- you amaze me! You find time to cook and bake yummy things and use your mad crafty skills while juggling (and loving on) two smoochie faces under 4...props to you mama! xoxo